Zombie Army 4 Gameplay: ELECTRIC PUNCH! Let's Play Zombie Army 4 Dead War at E3 2019

Zombie Army 4 Dead War gameplay in which Nazi zombies are back on their bs. Mike survives a zombie ambush, sets off a bunch of zombie traps, and wallops zombies with his special electric punch. What other treats does Zombie Army Trilogy sequel Zombie Army 4 have in store? There’s only one way to be sure. Subscribe for more gameplay from Outside Xbox!

Zombie Army 4 gameplay comes out in 2020.

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  1. I liked how Jane's introduction to this video sounding like she was introducing a piece on Radio 4's Women's Hour. Their segments have really evolved over the years.

  2. max seettings 1440p 30+ fps on my monster pc ryzen 7 1700 gtx 970 g1 gaming 16 gb ddr4 3200mhzcl15 gskill rip jaws dellp2416d 24'' 2560×1440 60 hz ips! Cant wait(when ti comes to steam)!

  3. 'zombie ambush', 'zombies using guns', are we sure these aren't just drunk tourists trying to get Mike's autograph?
    If you listen carefully you can hear the murmuring is 'we love you Mike, its always been the Mike Channel for us'

  4. Ive never seen some one just let zombies hurt them when literaly just had to shoot ….. He must have Ben doing it on purpose.

  5. See, I wanted to like this series, but it's hard to take a game that's focused on sniping seriously, when the enemies all know exactly where you are and how to get to you, the moment they spawn in. It's kinda hard to take them out covertly, when they're already trying to kill you; which is why I hated the last level in Silent Scope.

  6. The zombie train is on time? Clearly not set in the UK. You'd have to wait for the zombie bus replacement service.

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