YouTube App For Xbox Live – Video Demo

A native Youtube app on Xbox Live? We might never leave the living room couch again! Watch our demo of the upcoming app that will have you watching endless hours of Youtube videos through your Xbox 360 console then leave us a comment telling us which classic Youtube vid you’ll queue up first. We’re having trouble deciding between Bed Intruder, Double Rainbow, and Keyboard Cat.

The app is scheduled to launch on 12.13.11, so keep an eye out for it!

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  1. The youtube app sucks, half of the videos you search on it aren't even there! Most videos never load, and always freezes my xbox!

  2. This app is A MAJOR UPSET. 1 It keeps freezing. 2 Buffering is annoying. 3 Kicks me out of video like wtf. 4 Microsoft doesnt know how to fix this. 5 it keeps saying youtube isnt available but stills plays sometime. 6 after numerous updates NOTHING FIXES THESE PROBLEMS. 7 WE ALL NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD SO MICROST CAN FIX THIS PEICE OF SHIT APP. Thumps up please

  3. HEY YOUTUBE CAN YOU MAKE THIS APP WORSE PLEASE iv never used a more frustrating and half ass'd application….wins the award for worst keyboard…fuck you you tube

  4. Even though that is very offensive, you just can't say anything to make Chuck Norris mad. So, yeah, hot bitch!

  5. The xbox app is complete horseshit. They have everything you want with it… BUT MY FAVORITES!!! You can't access your favorites.

  6. only sad part you half to pay for xbox live and it's not worth it for just the app's as i dont play have a single game nor do i want one for my xbox360

  7. Is there a guide on how to get the app installed? I just got my Xbox and it's really not clear how this is done. I think I installed it but now I don't know where it's gone.

    I did a search of my apps and it doesn't see YouTube.

  8. The 360 one is shit too, I haven't been able to use it properly in over a month. Videos just constantly buffer and it says youtube is not available at this time….

  9. go into "settings" > "system" > "storage" > "hard drive" > "games and apps" > "youtube" (press Y for "game options" and "delete") hope this helped

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