You are using the MG42 WRONG on Metro 😡 Battlefield 5

Aggressive MG42 gameplay on Battlefield 5
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  1. 5 metro videos in a row on my channel? (You guys kept liking them so I kept making them)

    900 hours of Sniping video soon 😀

  2. I think they should make the this gun really like really bad at hip fire and that should make fair but not taking out of the game😂👍🏽

  3. most people are using everything wrong cuz they pussy out haha like at 2:00 him explaining how to shoot trough smoke like c'mon …is this for NA people?
    btw look how fast the reload is he can skip it like when your guy puts the ammobelt on top and don't even has to chamber it up!

  4. Dice really needs to fix these weapons. It’s ridiculous watching people run around like this hosing people down. I get that it’s a game but can we get a shred of reality in here. It would make the game a little less frustrating givin all the other broken aspects of BF5!

  5. Why the fuck is hip firing so accurate for him, but when I do it, it’s like my guy has epilepsy?

    Edit: And are you playing bots or some shit? Jesus Christ…. infants and Helen Keller have better awareness.

  6. Is this really video after pacific patch?? Because I can never get my cross hairs that tight even if I crouch and aim. It's either super wide or prone and tight.

  7. ''woman ruin the immersion of this game'' i still remember my granddad talking about having gold plated skins on their weapons. real fucking immersive that is xd

  8. i have this weird intuition not to push as much as this video cause i know if i do, i'll instantly die behind enemy lines… then i think to myself…. it's just a damn game, i can respawn …. and yet my brain tells me no keep up that 20:19 K/D ratio…. xD poor me

  9. yes but they made the game so that people go prone and or have bipod deployed with those mastery challenges for example.

  10. How is this possible? I get destroyed on this map! Here you are running and gunning on their spawn, getting quadruple kills.. I don't understand. My life is a lie.. lol

  11. What u mean they should take the Mg42 out of the game what you think they can just take the gun out of Ww2 no they used it because its Effective

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