Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. $500 PC

Is console gaming FINALLY a viable option with the new One X? Xbox thinks so…

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  1. Console will never live up to the PC. You think developers are gonna let you explore the system files on that console you paid for. 🤣

  2. I Have 6 Teraflop One X and a 2.0 Teraflop gaming laptop and here is what people need to know. Gtx 1060 hits max 4.5 teraflops so if you think 1060 matches or beats one x think again. If you want to beat one x youll need spend serious coin with a current gen quad core from amd or intel or hex or octa core. Youll also need a gtx 1070 or higher 1080 2060 etc. 8gb ddr4 should be fine but 16gb ddr4 is safer. I love my 2.0teraflop gaming laptop but can only afford to get 6 teraflops from my one x as getting 6 teraflops or higher with new parts and a new pc build with actually paying for windows I cant seem to do for less than 1200 canadian dollars

  3. Nothing against ps4/pro owners but just get a Bluetooth computer ps4 controller throw away your ps4 or sell it no need to waste tech then buy a xbox one x hook that Bluetooth computer ps4 controller up to the xbox one x and boom yes you lose a couple good titles but you get the best gaming experience and a few amazing exclusives and you can stop whining about your controller comment if you think diffrent looking for no fights just seeing if I dont know something but if you own a 1000 dollar computer or anything thats a computer stay out of it we get it pcs are superior

  4. Pc wins always . More support , mods, better graphics. Steam cheap games.

    Meanwhile Xbox one and PS4, dlc , season pass, premium, dlc 2, extra skins, dlc 3 , = 200 usd per game.

  5. Great job, the pace and information all presented in a way that made it easy to retain and understand. You presented them all in a fair and honest lite.
    It will help me answer?'s.   my daughter likes her pc but has a PlayStation 4. My younger autistic son has an Xbox one S and had a PlayStation 4 which is now my other sons because he just upgraded to PlayStation 4 Pro

  6. Who the fuck gives a shit about the power it has when it isnt being utilized properly… no 60 fps and no difference in game stability.. oh you 4k… i dont give a fuck about that when the games run exactly the same as regular xbox one.. you say natively 60 fps yet there still isnt ONE game on xbox that runs 60 fps vs 30 fps on regular xbox one. Really a waste just like pa4 pro

  7. The simple fact is you have to spend an absurd amount of money on a pc to have nearly close to the same specs as a standard xbox one. Pc might be the better platform when u spend 1500 on it, but all things considered its actually the worst. You have to constantly update windows, drivers, steam every single time u start your pc then you have to tinker with your setting som each and every game to get a solid 30 frames on anything less expensive then 1000. Currently have an $800 pc i used it one day and realized that pc is in fact worse then xbox by about a hundred longshots. If u think otherwise ur delusional. Why? Because if a xbox cost 1500 it would blow pc out of the water. Same with ps4. Consoles are conventional and pc’s are actually a pathetic piece of machinery that assumes the superior role when in fact its an illusion made by price. And pirce alone. Pc sucks. Xbox is better. Playstation is better. Unless you spend 3-5 times what you would pay for a console.

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