Xbox One X Teardown

Ben tears down an Xbox One X. Marketed as the smallest and most powerful Xbox One, how does it compare in size to an Xbox One S? Ben compares and reveals its CPU/GPU aka APU, heatsink, hard drive, RAM, connectors, and power supply. Visit the Ben Heck page:

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Max obtained an Xbox One X on launch date and now Ben is going to take it apart. The Xbox One X boasts a much larger GPU, which allows you to do 4K gaming. Microsoft has marketed it as the smallest and most powerful Xbox ever built. It can do 5 teraflops whereas the old one could only do 4 teraflops. Flops are floating-point operations per second. These days the GPUs are much more powerful than the CPU. Both the Xbox and PS4 have combined CPU/GPUs from AMD, called APUs (accelerated processing unit). Ben is not a fan of the latest Xbox controller because it’s a lot more difficult to mod. It has Bluetooth so it does allow you to use it as a wireless controller.

The main system weighs approximately 10 pounds so it’s pretty heavy compared to previous iterations. To test Microsoft’s claim that the Xbox one is the smallest and more powerful iteration of Xbox One, Ben puts it up against the shell casing of the Xbox Slim. The Xbox One X is about 5 millimeters wider than the Xbox One Slim. Using a caliper to measure he discovers that the Xbox Box One X is 3.8 inches deeper and .14 inches wider than the Xbox One Slim. The Xbox One X is slightly shorter, 2.5 inches against 2.36 inches so that is the basis for Microsoft calling it the smallest Xbox One. While that is debatable, what is not is the fact that it is definitely the heaviest Xbox One. The Xbox One was originally suppose to be a cable box so it had HDMI In and Out which got quietly dropped. The Xbox One X brought the HDMI In and Out back.

Ben removes the Hex screws from the Xbox One case. It comes apart easily after removing two screws. The CPU appears to be mounted upside down. Outside of that, it’s fairly standard Xbox construction. The wireless module is outside the RF cage because it can’t transmit through metal. Inside the case you can see what the USB hub connector, sync button, and IR detector look like. The assembly of the Xbox is more straightforward than recent Sony consoles. The Blue ray player has a SATA connector and the same power connector as the original Xbox.

The 1 TB Seagate hard drive is a laptop sized SATA spinner disc with an adapter at the end that has the standard SATA connector, 5 volts, and ground. Ben removes the fan to reveal the heat sink. It’s a big hunk of copper with a pinched off portion that seems to be their new vapor cooling chamber.

Ben removes the Xclamp to break the seal and gives a recap on what he’s found so far. The Xbox One X has a super copper heat with a vapor chamber inside of it, a more standard steel radiator on it, a very large die which is a GPU CPU combination, and a power regulator sunk into the heatsink. Compared to the old Xbox 360, it’s a pretty efficient design. The old Xbox 360 was filled with regulators, coils everywhere, and lots of capacitors. Looking at the main board you can see 12 gigabytes of RAM. The earlier consoles only had eight gigabytes as does the PlayStation 4 Pro. The motherboard is designed upside down so it has surface-mount HDMI and USB upside down so that it’s the right side up when the unit is lying flat, and the connect port is gone. Ben shows you what the wireless controller front panel and wireless connection panel look like. The Xbox One X is the easiest Xbox to disassemble since the original Xbox.



  1. By any chance, would someone know if it is possible to put the xbox one x guts into an xbox one s shell? Like would the inputs and buttons all be in the same locations?

  2. Hello can anybody help me i have a xbox one x and on the back it says 220-240 v yet the plug i have says 2.5 250v on it is it safe to use i think its the one that came with the console UK (PAL) by the way thanks alot sorry if this is a stupid question .

  3. The HDMI In/Out is for hooking up your cable box so you can essentially control your entire entertainment system from this One device–hence the name. I don't know what "deal" Ben is referring to at the start of the video?

  4. Physical > digital. Fight me. You don't know how it feels to have slow internet and you force me to download a 52 GB game.
    (Yes, I know, day-one-patch and stuff, but at least the patch to download is just 20-ish GB, not 52)

  5. I love my Xbox one x. Mainly for the 4 k gaming and certain games like gears of war can be ran at 60 FPS. It looks amazing. Plus it’s silent. It’s also a bit quicker loading games and going through menus. I don’t think 4 k blue rays are going out. Who wants compressed 4 k. Looks way better in blue ray and smother motion too. Inerweb compressed 4 k isn’t that bad though. There is great compression software being used these days. I love how good movies look streamed through HBO Go. Netflix not quite there. Their 4 k looks like upconverted 1080p.

  6. I have PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. I keep them on separate shelve so they don't fight. lol Xbox One X's graphics is a bit nicer. But I still love my PS4 Pro. PS4 is easier to navigate to get to where you want. Xbox One X navigation is a game all by itself. lol
    If they get rid of the disk drives? Kiss stores like Wal-Mart, and Game Stop goodbye. And screw Game Stop, because I like my game still sealed when I buy it new. STOP HATING ON ANY CONSOLES!

  7. Who the hell wants to pay $85 + shipping to have a game console cleaned when I have YouTube to show me how?

  8. Thank You. It will be easy to clean the fan when it comes time. My PS4 Pro is even easier to clean. Pop off the top cover and vacuum it out.

  9. In every teardown episode he says something like "Physical medial will be dead in the future" with such bravado, like that's a good thing. I have several quarrels with this, first is the fact that some of us live in areas where the internet prices are high and the speed is slow, cough* cough* Frontier (Honestly, that's a whole other topic, Frontier dominates rural areas, and in WV, people have been without communication services for months, due to frontier's inability to send working components and workers, as many of them are on strike due to Frontier screwing them over. Then, frontier gets sued by WV for slowing down speeds while keeping the prices the same. So, for people that have literal shit internet companies, and trust me, I tried to get Comcast, but they don't provide in my area.) Second, we already give up too many rights to Microsoft, steam, and gaming companies in regards to our games. Once we switch to download only, then they'll have the keys. Honestly, every one of those companies need to be brought into check.

  10. I got mine for 530 after tax. It was well worth it, I like pubg and Forza games on it. Plus all of the X Enhanced games. It's great and movies look amazing on the X aswell. Good console all around, but I still prefer my pc over the X but it's still fun to play the Xbox exclusives.

  11. Someone please explain why the Xbox One X has power issues similar to the red ring of death on the 360? Is the Xbox One X a marketing scam or something?

  12. Would u be selling this console for parts or know of anyone who will or are there anyone in the comment's section who is?

  13. My one x is stupidly quiet, it concerns me. When I press my head against it, I can only hear the hard drive. Anyone had any cooling issues? I'm not saying mine has but I've only had it a couple of weeks and it just seems un natural 😃

  14. 🙁 Why couldn't they make it symmetrical? The top is wider than the bottom, and ..only on the one side?

    Also? The HDMI in is one of the best features of the Xbox One.
    🙂 I can have a SNES-mini, the Switch or PS4 connected through it. Super useful

  15. No mention of a 7200rpm hard drive and 4k bluray? Or that the CPU is faster by far. 4gb more of ram, vapor cooled, actually has hdmi2.0

  16. Don't remove that drive we the Consumer are boned without it. Plus having not compress UHD blue ray ain’t a bad thing. They look and sound better.

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