Xbox Game Pass May 2019 Update | Another Fantastic Month!

Xbox Game Pass May 2019 titles have been revealed and it is a fantastic month! Game Pass for May 2019 sees Wolfenstein 2, Wargroove, Surviving Mars, Tacoma, Black Desert, For the King, The Surge, and Lego Batman 3 all being added


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  1. Wolfenstein 2 & The Surge Good Old Games but we buy them on release not years later..they are cheap to buy and keep forever..Game Pass games are removed regularly?

  2. I am so freaking cheap person i have a method to get game pass for free i do it each time new games are added

  3. Wolfenstein 2 is bad. You get no feedback you are being shot…… it just feels cheap.

    Wargrove is great if you like turn based games.
    Lego batman is 3 is great (although no freeroam city)
    Descenders 1.0 is poorly made and just 'feels' wrong when you are playing.

    Not played the rest

  4. Quick question, I'm buying a one x soon. Do you get to keep the games from the gamepass thing just like with games with gold once the subscription is over? Because that is something I don't like the way Sony does it.

  5. Lol the surge isn't easier that ds. It's way harder. Especially first time when you come to central production b

  6. That's not a very impressive list. Wolfenstein II? I haven't gotten far, but everyone's saying it's inferior to The New Order, which I liked a lot, but I still wouldn't compare it to the likes of BotW and Super Mario Odyssey. It's really the only game on the list that stands out to me. But that's just as well. It's too good to be streamed. The only games I would stream are mediocre games not worth the asking price, like CoD.

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