Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 2 (Hardware)

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 2 (Hardware)
Console Wars: Season 1

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  1. the whole not having optical on the xbox 360 never hurt me, because i had all my consoles hooked up to my tv. and my tv has optical out, which i might add had better sound range due to the tech in the tv, so i generally just hooked my opticcal out from my tv, to my logitech z5500 pod, and i got better audio across the board. secondly who care about micro sd and crap like that.

  2. 6:03 "But if you're watching this with a Xbox 360 Slim in your living room, I take my previous statement back"
    Got my X360 Slim Halo 4 edition next to me

  3. Let's be honest: Hardware in a console only matters in one area: Power.
    This is something the PS3 is lacking. As a long-term owner of the 360 and a big fan of Borderlands 2, a game said to push this gen of consoles to their limit, I can't recall the 360 ever crashing while playing B2. However, as a short-term owner of a PS3 (Sudden HDMI Death), it was weird if the PS didn't crash while playing B2. Another win for Xbox! And if I bought an Xbox instead of a PS, I'd still have a console right now. Because the Xbox doesn't suddenly refuse to work with your TV anymore. Also, worst controller in the history of console award goes to: PS3.
    360 3-0 PS3

  4. I have discovered that the xbox 360 can actually upscale all 30fps games to 60fps. By doing this every game can run much smoother and faster.
    This is true, its really simple and plain. Just disable EDID found at console settings, after you've done that, the xbox restarts itself,
    in the startup you will be downscaled to 480p, audio settings will be downscaled to Digital Stereo (Dolby Digital 5.1 is better.)
    There will be more personal options to select, like 3D-TV and the custom resolution.
    The custom resolution is the obvious change you need to do. Every resolution that displays like a PC resolution, like for example:
    1280 x 1024 is your bet. These resolutions still look better than 1080p and takes away the noise effect on the screen.
    One of the best settings I've revolved around is 1680 x 1050 at games where the frame rate runs fluid, games like Borderlands 2,
    Borderlands TPS, all Call of Duty games, Halo series, GTA series etc. This is widescreen doe, and can sometimes decrease fps/(not upscale that much) for some older games, like Gears of War 1 & 2, Perfect Dark series, Battlefield and etc. Normal and Widescreen are two different choises but check for the resolution that your TV/Monitor supports and which prefrences you have. Note: Test out your games for the best experience and see how it affects the game. The test is to see how fast your camera moves in the game and how it not slacks over, the fluid games even eliminates lag and frame drops. But this is also to an agument that the xbox 360 is far superior than the next gen consoles at some point and completely trashes the ps3 at all means. Note: This is the only ever console to have this feature. Also comment on what you think about this, you can spread the word to others and ask about how this works.

  5. Xbox 360 and ps3 were both amazing and are close matches but let’s be honest. PS4 is destroying the Xbox One

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