Xbox 360 Complete Tear Down, Fix and repair video. To the point.

Here is the green LED fan on Amazon:
Blue Fan on Amazon:

Let me know if those links stop working, or if you need any other parts.

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This video shows you everything you need to know about taking apart your XBox 360. If you need to replace the fan, or the disk drive this video will show you how to get inside and disassemble your system. Since this system isnt the newest on the market anymore, its cheaper to replace the parts yourself than it is to send it in for repairs.

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  1. I don't think you can replace the drive and have run games again… Because each console has a unique drive that enables it to verify and run games

  2. Wow love this video! Your voice is so calming and I admire the consistency and straight forward to the point details! Thank you very much

  3. Ive watched your videos for a while, so imagine my surprise when i look up a video for xbox 360 disassembly (needed to clean it), click the first one, hear the voice, and check the creator name.

  4. It's almost impossible to get that back part off without a special tool. It's called the "repair tool", which comes with a t8/10 screwdriver. It gets those tabs down without breaking everything…

  5. All that just to get into a fan-RIDICULOUS-should be able to open consoles a lot easier and components sgoukd be modular kits-easy to transplant drives-fans-power/graphics card/memory-currently only menorys accessible without all rigmarol

  6. ITA) Quando vedete le frecce verdi ( se non capite l'inglese) sappiate che liberano l'ALTRA META' DEL COPERCHIO BIANCO !! .. non ho trovato altri video.. quindi il mio avviso è solo x coloro che vedono e basta

  7. Very nice, I'm gonna go fix my dads xbox now as it's over heating, 8 years of dust and new thermal paste here I come.

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