World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer

The Burning Legion’s assault on Azeroth launches next summer. Get an early look at the coming invasion in the World of Warcraft: Legion opening cinematic. For more info on the game, or to join the beta, head to


  1. this expansion is a conclusion to the burning legion. with the demon Eredar warlock kil'jaeden's death and sargeras being pulled out of azeroth.

  2. Blizzard:"My Overwatch… a terrible darkness has return to our world
    as before it seeks to annihilate everything we hold deer
    i go to face it! knowing i may not return."

    HiRez:"they're coming! they're coming back!"

    *a scene focusing twitch
    *takes a photo of Overwatch

    Blizzard:"All my life i've been live by the fans
    i've seen companies burn
    and watch brave developers die in vain!
    Its been difficult for me to trust
    after losing so much…
    but from you
    i've have learn patience, tolerance and faith"

    *seeks down and watch every videogame companies tha has been closed through the generations
    *Activision appears!
    *League of Legends and Fornite Attacks!

    Blizzard:"Open fire!"

    *release new franchies to esport
    *its a hard attack in the esport scene
    *activision enter and it seems "helping"
    *blizzard is destroyed
    *the photo of Overwatch is sinking

    Blizzard:"Overwatch… i now believe as you do…
    that esport scene is the greatest aspiration…
    but to achieve it…
    you must be willing to FIGHT!!!!"

    *blizzard starts to attemp to fight in the esport scene hoping that activision will help
    *all we know how everything ends for blizzard!

  3. Not gonna lie, it's Varian's character that made me fully switch to Alliance. Long live the ghost wolf. Long live Varian Wrynn. King of Stormwind.

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