1. Lich king was the last real tangible threat we could kill and even like that he still one shoted everyone,now we killing old gods and traveling into outter space on draenai ships,my immersion is dead

  2. In winter, before Arthas was inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand, Arthas and Invincible were caught in a sudden blizzard while en route to Balnir Farmstead. When Arthas came to a jump that Invincible regularly made, the horse lost its footing on the ice, propelling the young prince and his mount into rough terrain. Arthas blacked out for mere moments, but his steed was laying in the bloody snow with two broken front legs. Too far from help and unable to heal the wounded horse, Arthas forced himself to drive his sword through the beast's heart in order to relieve his pain. After the storm tapered off, Jorum and Jarim Balnir found the young prince curled up next to his once majestic mount. Stricken by a mix of guilt and pride, Arthas didn't tell anyone that it was a completely unnecessary jump that lead to the accident. He was buried on the grounds of the Balnir Farmstead at Arthas' request. Invincible's death was one of the events that inspired Arthas to become a paladin.

  3. After watching the most disappointed wow cinematic EVERY created (Shadowlands). I realy needed to lissen to this soundtrack. Arthas is needed to purge Sylvanas out of existence, for once and for all.

  4. after seeing shadowlands trailer, I kept imagining this:
    the king of the dead has been silenced…
    the scourge rampaging throughout the world…
    no one can stop the massacre except for one…
    there must always be a Lich king…
    meanwhile, in the darkest pits of hell…
    "awaken my son, your rule must start once more"

  5. After seeing the Boldvar's defeat. Once again it showed us to value of true Lich King '' Arthas'' the İnvincible

  6. O steed stalwart companion
    I mourn your loss

    You were the first in battle
    Even in death
    Last to retreat, even so in death

    Alas, I have lost a part of my self

    Long live the king
    May he reign forever
    May his strength
    Fail him never

  7. Hands down WotLK was the best expansion, there will never be another expansion as good as it and it is so sad to realize this, i dedicated most of my time to it when it was out, even got realm first heroic lich king kill. Take me back

  8. There were many nights where I fell asleep next to my laptop running around in Northrend. I'd every so often awaken to this song on the log-in screen or hear it in my dreams. I miss WotLK.

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