World of Warcraft Complete Beginners Guide 2018 – What Class Should You Pick, Level Boost Or Fresh?

World of Warcraft complete beginners guide to help new players get into WoW. What class should you pick, should you use a level boost or should you start a fresh character, what realm should you pick, what are specs and what spec should you pick? Learn about the Class Trial feature, what version of World of Warcraft do you need to buy, should you buy Legion, what about the Starter Edition? All that and more. If you found this video helpful please thumbs the video up and subscribe fore more.

Essentially you now only need to pay the subscription fee to have access to all expansions except for the latest one. Really cool

Madseasonshow Choosing a Class – Beginner’s Guide WoW

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The Lore of the Alliance

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  1. I remember playing the game with expansion packs (at the time the panda thing) and not paying the monthly subscription. does that mean that i was paying without knowing?

  2. Seems lazy of the devs to just give an option to skip levels rather than tidy up early game areas and experience. No game should ever, ever give the option to buy levels.

  3. 13:53 this is wrong they are both bad guys the alliance are prejudice against every new race they find and the horde has had multiple crazy leaders who basically wanted to destroy the world

  4. Hi all i have one question…i want to start wow in this summer (played gw2 for 2 years now and recently i played on a private server wotlk with some friends and i started to feel like wow is more suited for me as an mmorpg) but i will get a job and in autumn i will start university, i will go to gym too (need to keep fit XD) and maybe i will have a gf too :)) so my question is if i play like 2-3 hours in weekdays and more in weekend will worth paying the fee? or are just wasted money? thank you

  5. Hey, thanks for the vid! This was a nice handy, friendly guide for someone who's curious but knows next to nothing. Only thing I would say is lacking is some explanation of the story/setting which at least for me personally is pretty important, defiantly interested in the RP servers. That said I've also heard WoW's story line is uber complicated and convoluted so I can understand if summing it up is no easy task.

  6. So I just started playing the free version. So far im kinda ok with it. I was confused on your explanation a bit. So if I'm a free player, I wouldn't experience the game at its fullest? Basically the idea is get the $20 game so that I can at least get a good experience with it right?

  7. i need a lingo guide. i am so confused with people's words, they're all like "inc" during pvp and also, what do you have to do to access mythic? please and thank you!

  8. Have you ever seen an add-on (for 5 man dungeons) that has the healer being off the bottom of the damage list – sometimes beating all 3 damage players? Am i the first? Do I get a badge? 🙂 "Zachariah kane HAT" enter in YT. Look at this one first "WoW Healer addon".

  9. I miss this game so much but since they took out the fullscreen mode and replaced it with fullscreen (windowed) my game looks really blurry and dark, I can't read any text at a distance and it look's awful and is really off putting.. it's sad because I love this game.

  10. Great video. I like your tone, pace and delivery. Very informative and straight to the point. Most 15 minute videoa i watch are draggy. Great energy with this video.

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