World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary – In Real Life by Anthony Rosner

Like many gamers, Anthony Rosner became addicted to World of Warcraft, to the point where it affected his personal life outside the game. But with a strength of will that any video game hero would be proud of, he overcame his addiction and made this documentary about it. Check it out then leave us a comment below if you’ve ever battled with gaming and obsession.

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  1. Broke up with my gf at 2006 and stop playing wow at 2007. Took up iron man training and have been competing in iron man since then. Believe me you miss nothing when you quit WOW. Once in a whole you feel the calling when you watch the new expansion video but you will get over it.

  2. That's why I plan to start playing classic when it will come out: 100% genuine and real WoW experience, no expansions so no need for constant farm.

  3. I enjoyed my time in wow and still do and i don't regret anything. And the reason why i even started playing, was because i didin't have a social life, no real friends, let alone girls. So i didin't have anything to miss. I wish i had friends back then, but now i have friends who i met while playing wow and other online games. So imo wow saved me, kinda. Cuz the "friends" i had back then, they weren't real friends and just bullied me all the time and used me. So i thank Blizzard for making such an awesome game that i could enjoy and socialize in.

  4. I don't know why everyone thinks, being like everyone else, working more, going to the gym, going out etc. is always better than playing videogames. I love it, it's part of my life, I don't feel alone, whats the matter? WoW didn't give me less than the "real life" outside.
    I wish I achieved something like the guy in the video – he can be proud of himself. He achieved something.

  5. Like all Recreational things, somepeople like myself are fine with it [i play off and on, havent played since Draenor, and some have more habitual ties. no one is perfect including myself i have been addicted to othergames [skyrim *coughs*] where i played practically 24/7 Till the game was Completed.

  6. I'm married with a son and I have a full time job and I raid every week. Its called time management bro.

  7. Nice video, interesting story. However it's much easier to quit the game when you did and more so now as the game has turned into a less addictive, more casualized, generally more crappy game content. Staying addictive to a game that isn't a good game is quite difficult. So incase your wondering, I am infact claiming that world of warcraft in cataclysm and onwards, and more so today, is a shitty game, good for us who don't want to be addicted to it.

  8. Played this game 3 times because there were simply too many things for me to comprehend. But I am glad I never started for real, because it seems as if many people because addicted to this game.

  9. The bigest problem is that u didnt have a life before wow,so when u start playing u find out thats a place where u can be someone or something,where u can look good ,where people can look you and speak with you and make u immportant. That feeling gets u adicted,not game . Thats just your problem and your wish to excape from real and hard life.

  10. Is it a bad thing that every single screenshot is familiar to me? Good for you for quitting. It's a huge time-waster.

  11. I kinda gave up with game after just abit over 7 years of playing. I might go back into it once the new expansion comes out. I know how to control myself on how much a game, when its right to game. This is a hobby and the real life comes first. I feel lucky to have the straight mind on knowing when its time to stop. Mind you, I use to be up at around 4am and grind the game till about 1pm, take a break then jump back on till i was tired… I think its somthing you have to do for yourself to know when to stop.

  12. Just play And Discipline yourself, that way you can enjoy the game, enjoy real life and manage to have a successful life in the Real World.

  13. going to parties is living your life? I've been partying alot and I can say that it is better to play wow that getting drunk and picking up some stupid thots, seriously

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