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In this video I talk about the northern kingdoms of Rivia and Lyria. The famous witcher, the white wolf, or as he is more commonly known Geralt of Rivia is known to have some association with this place? But how? You would assume that Geralt is ‘of Rivia’ but in today’s video I will explain that isn’t the case and why. I also talk about this great northern kingdom and give you a brief rundown of it’s history. Rivian’s or Scoia’tael? Who would win? tell me in the comments below. Be sure to like if you want to see more and subscribe if your new!


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  2. Calling the place backward and racist because they hate elves and dwarves is rather inaccurate. Majority of elves and dwarves despise humans too. The Sociatel arent freedom fighters, they are terrorists and they champion Elvish dominance over humans. From Thronebreaker, it is shown that they view elves to be superior to humans. In Mahakam, the chief dwarves is also distrutful and spiteful when it comes to humans. The hate is more linked towards the elder races being enemies to human, rather than racism. Because again, the feeling is mutual on both sides.

  3. Based on this video i have gathered enough knowledge to ad hoc some statistics of Rivia.

    Rivia the town has a population of like 1200 people a 6th of which is non human. Its also considered a second capital meaning its probably safe to assume its either the second most populated city, or its particularly wealthy.

    Lyria/Rivia the Kingdom threw together 8000 men and 1200 knights in the third war against Nilfgaard.

    Only 4 Cities/Towns/Castles are marked on the map as important enough to deserve a name.

    Geographically the Kingdom is quite small.

    Rivia the kingdom is known for its crossbows.

    This kingdom must have a huge percentage of its population in its Capital of Lyria and have an absolutely Rag_Tag military Because both crossbows and knights require quite a bit of industrial investment in order to make then combat effective in a platemail armor period of warfare. And Rivia is known not for its knights but for its crossbowmen. Odds are there are less than 200,000 people in the kingdom including non humans and that might even be generous considering they mustered less than 10,000 to fight in the third Nilfgaard war. And the overwhelming majority of these people likely live in villages of less than 50 people dotted all over the countryside.

    The Rivian army therefore would probably look like an early medieval army where the "Knights" are both local administrators and warriors, and given the low population/density of Rivia are likely equipped with Chainmail shirts on top of Gambesons and maybe a horse. Each knight probably brings his local militia armed with simple polearms and low end padded jackets or gambesons into battle, and the crossbowmen probably look as armoured as the knights if not considerably more so because they all likely come from the capital. The capital being the only place they could likely produce crossbows in meaningful number. As it is likely the only "City" in the kingdom with more than a few thousand residents.

    Rivia has no chance in hell of stopping a Nilfgaardian frat party, let alone an army.

  4. Massacre in Rivia where the nonhumans died was vengeance for crimes of scoiatel during second war, where scoiatel had practically free hand. It was before invasion of Aedirn wich was worse. Another post-second war massacre was execution of Vrihedd Brigade in Ravine of hydra (Witcher 2 lore)
    I know you like elves but its hard for me to talk about racism in northern kingdoms. If elves still ruled human race would had not be spared at all. Nilfgaards just used them and for example in Touissant there are none of them.

  5. Perhaps with regards to pronunciation, you could research how to pronounce Gaelic sounds, for example "Maeve" is pronounced [May-ve], and there are of course many more examples of this in the Skellig Isles. There are also a lot of Dutch names in the Witcher series, especially in Nilfgaard and Novigrad (for example, Dijkstra).

    Just a suggestion!

  6. 2:46, you're wrong, the Rivia thing began sooner, Geralt mentioned in the 'Baptism of Fire' that at first he wanted to call himself Geralt Roger Eryk du Haute-Bellegarde, but Vesemir convinced him that it was a terrible idea, and that he would gain trust of people if the name would connect to some place, and that's where rivian accent came from – to gain trust. Also he mentioned that he picked the name because he wanted to indetify with some place (his birthplace is unkown)

  7. Fun fact: the black eagle with yellow background on Lyria's crest is actually the Silesian eagle. You can find it on Czech coat of arms, since a part of Silesia belongs to Czech Republic. (It's also where I'm from)

  8. Great video !!!
    What about battle of sodden don't know much… besides that Triss was left with some deep psychological and physical scars… 😛

  9. Your content is brilliant. Big fan of the saga and I love to know more about the witcher lore. Your voice is perfect to talk about it! Definitly subbed.

  10. Overall good video but tell me do you know what Dynastic Descriptions are?

    Also don't mention the name of every citizen and town just like that. You can for example say we know two other kings aside of Meve (Berric is non canon.) and some of the famous people are White Rayla the mercenary and Nadia Esporito who started the Rivian Pogrom etc. I don't know, something like that instead of just reading the list.

  11. Actually Geralt called himself "of Rivia" and used the Rivia accent since he left Kaer Morhen for the first time, it was a common thing to do for the witchers so they would seem more reliable to people.

  12. just little correction geralt already had rivia at the end of his name before meve gave him the name officially and thats why he smiled when she did so. good work though bud

  13. Just got in from a pissup much like geralt with his fellow witchers at the keep much love witcher family love your content George appolegies if I'm coming off sentimental I'm drunk as a skun. Now I think I'm gonna throw up.

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