Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – All Grandmaster Witcher Gear Sets Showcase (Looks with Dyes & Stats)

There are 5 Grandmaster-level witcher Armor Sets in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Manticore Set is on Grandmaster tier, however it cannot be upgraded, same as Serpentine (Viper) Set.

Minimum Level Requirement: 40

Time Seek / All Witcher Gear Set Locations
[00:05] #1 Grandmaster Ursine Gear Set

[02:07] #2 Grandmaster Griffin Gear Set

[04:21] #3 Grandmaster Feline Gear Set

[05:56] #4 Grandmaster Wolven Gear Set

[06:53] #5 Manticore Gear Set

Dye & Armor Customization:

Black Armor Dye Location:

White Armor Dye Location:

Red Armor Dye Location:

Green –
Yellow –
Pink –
Gray –

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  1. I love Griffin armor specialties while using full set of it but hate the look. it make our man look fat,
    Look wise Viper and wolf armor is amazing.
    I am using viper chest armor and trouser, boot, gloves of wolven armor and i painted all black. looks so fucking sexy.
    Swords : aerondight and Iris.

  2. for me look wise
    1.Ursine (Makes Geralt look like someone to not mess with)
    2.Manticore (Makes Geralt look like he's a witcher that depends on planning more than strength with all the vials and all)
    3.Wolf (I don't know about this one It's just badass)
    4.Cat (This is not assassin's creed)
    5.Griffin (NO)

  3. Manticore and Feline armour my favs( feline armour reminds me of witcher 2 armour in the begining of witcher 2 when ure invading that castle whit foltest he has a hood on too

  4. i love hoods on armors, i wish the feline hood was the same shade of blue so it would sync better and also the hood looks more like a santa hat with that shit sticking out of it, also why not let us color the entire armor, i want a full black armor not a brown and dark blue shade, kinda stupid. mastercrafted wolven looks the best but grandmaster looks like dogshit also. ursine is my favorite and after comes feline, the hood looks silly and ruins the armor. also the pouch bag on the side of it ruins the armor for me, i dont need a freaking tiny bag when im out assassinating people.

  5. How is it you change the color of an armor set? I see in the video the same set but with different dyes or something. How is that possible?

  6. Nice video, thanks!
    Tip: Use either a greatly reduced mouse sensitivity or a controller for those 360° shots, to make it less jittery.

  7. Gosunoob does upgrade grandmater armor to legendary armor disable the bonus from grandmaster set like each 3 or 6 peices of armor set give u 20 or 30 % of given a free quen after one is broken by enemy ect…? From beat school set.

  8. I really like the ursine style of armor, like pieces of clothes that can be blown through the wind, are all armors like that heavy armor? I'm guessing I can't wear such sort of armor if I want to take the feline or wolf style?

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