Witcher 3: 20 Awesome Details

A video showcasing the amazing level of detail in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with 20 examples like beard growth, realistic sword sheathing, smart NCPs, reactive quests, and more.

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  1. I Had one funny situation. I had never shaved in W3 until I was willing to go to the wake with Yen. I visited a barber and then Yen said “you look pretty well with your beard” 🤣 so there was one misunderstanding in my plot, but game is an absolute masterpiece 🙏🏻

  2. In the carnal sins quest, (the one about chasing a serial killer), i couldn't stand what the reverend was doing to prostitutes, and didn't trust him when he told me he was innocent, so i killed him.
    Quest completed, earned some gold and everything was good, until some days later i found in novigrad another message from the true killer (signed as "from a concerned citizen"). So i realized i hadn't slay the right one, and every paper i found reminded me my mistake.
    I looked up who was the real killer, and i went to talk to him, ready to get my revenge, and he congratulated me for killing the assassin, so Geralt could do nothing but saying thanks… You motherf*cker…

  3. 0:52 Geralt says to draw a line of salt,
    but in one of the quests in Novigrad, where we have to get rid of an elemental,
    there is a line of salt next to the stairs and Geralt says that this is a stupid superstition.
    So it's kind confusing. Is the salt actually works against creatures?

  4. Actually checked the door and when I saw the salt I was blown away, that would just be a throwaway line in most games.

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