Will Crackdown 3 be TRASH? – Xbox One Rant

Microsoft is letting gaming websites play some of Crackdown 3 for the first time and the gameplay coming out isnt great. Does that mean this will get trash reviews or that maybe the game is rough to look at? Let’s speculate in this gaming rant!

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“EDM Detection Mode” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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The latest bit of eye-poppingly bad gameplay on display is from Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode, the one which contains all the “cloud-based destruction” which was supposed to be a staple of the entire game, but was then relegated to multiplayer, and that in turn has turned the mode into…something truly bizarre.

I don’t even know how to describe what I’m seeing in this IGN demo video. Apparently the cloud destruction is so taxing that every map has to be just a series of geometric shapes rather than anything resembling the city of the open world mode, and the result is something like looks like a VR game gone wrong at best, or a barely scraped-together tech demo at worst. Even the destruction itself is underwhelming and weird and not even on par with what we see in Battlefield games or in ancient titles like Red Faction, from what I can tell.

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  1. I think it will be a mystery as to what happened to this gaming during development but the final version of Crackdown 3 is REALLY not looking good. Thanks for watching and liking this video!

  2. This can't be a surprise. From what i've seen all X1, PS4 game are deficient. A rare gem like Crackdown wasn't gonna be any different. These a some crap years for games. Sad.

  3. i like how the game looks i mean..it's fucking crackdown 3 what did you Expect ? it's a shell shaded action game where you play as a super cop. i don't see why people are bitching about it to be honest with you. i also find it funny how you say this game is just crackdown 1 again well yea you know what fans actually asked for when you're going to play the division 2. a game that many have already said is more of the same shit people did not like the first time just the lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy is amazing. i did not really care about the whole level destruction shit and thought it was an unneeded gimmick when all they have to do with game a solid and fun game to just blow shit up in. i think a lot of you were expecting far too much from this

  4. looks like microsoft has yet to release a recent game and have it good off the bat. lmao the metacritic scores for all xbox "exclusives" is hilarious!

  5. This will be CrapGamer's Game of the Year. When it inevitably gets shit reviews he'll say it's just the industry having a Sony-boner. Just watch. You know he'll have some weak-sauce defense of the game and act like it's not being given fair treatment.

  6. The writing's been on the wall for this game since E3 2017. After not hearing anything about the game for like a year at that point, they plopped out a 30 second trailer at E3 2017 that didn't show gameplay or anything and announced that it switched developers. And then, bafflingly said it was coming out November 7th that year. Up until like October of that year we still didn't see anything from the game and then it got delayed until 2018. And then we didn't hear anything again until it was delayed again until 2019 right before E3 2018.

    We started seeing more of it after that but nothing ever looked particularly interesting. It looked like a budget game. Like something on scale with Earth Defense Force, not a major AAA release.

    To say this game's development was troubled seems like an understatement. This one's probably going to have a Metacritic score in the low 60s or even in the 50s. Crackdown 2 was a low 7 back in 2010. In 2019 Crackdown 2 would be a 5 and Crackdown 3 seems to be a worse version of that.

  7. I get it’s supposed to be cartoony, but look at fucking Kingdom Hearts 3! (Or comics, whatever, it still look terrible) I watched the trailer about a month ago, and I was hyped because Terry Crews. It looked really good in the trailer as well…I guess my Xbox is running out of time before I sell it.

  8. Cars not having shadows? How about the damn player and NPCs not having shadows either? Even GTA III is more advanced than this!

  9. LOL at that picture!!

    This is how it works. If you have the funds, you buy an xbox one x, PS4 Pro and have a custom built PC with a killer graphics card. I use ps4 for exclusives, but if there is a cross platform game, I buy it for Xbox One x for its graphical processing power. And I use PC for its exclusives or strategy games like Starcraft or those turn based strategy games. No sense in getting emotional. Also, since I’ve been burned before, I only buy games AFTER they go on sale (6 months or a year later with all the DLC or ok Black Friday – that way the bugs have been worked out and I get a true opinion of games. No need to buy games on day one since the developers have no honor and have lied to me too many times). Don’t take it personal, this is business in America. Scam country. I bet most of the programmers are from the 3rd world.

  10. A fair rant. I don’t have a horse in the race as I game on Pro and X1X…but I feel a little sorry for Phil Spencer. Guy’s doing his best but he inherited a god awful mess. I think XB will return with all guns blazing next gen but, yeah, this gen’s been a bust.

    A small detail…literally…but there are vids with and without shadows. It’s clearly a bug. Very unlikely that it won’t be fixed for launch.

  11. Dude you suck, pleas play the game and review it correctly. At least then, I can respect the passion you’re trying to show in this pre-review.

  12. CrÄpdown 3…yeah this for sure will be game of the generation^^ 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
    Like Sea of Piss…^^

     …looks like a trash PS2 game from the year 2003^^

  13. To be fair, I think early on (at least the last 2 years) they specified that destruction would only be in multiplayer.

    Doesn't change that the game looks bad, but it's better not to ding the game for promises that weren't made.

  14. To me graphics were never important
    I just want a good game most the time
    I get why everyone hates it but it hasn’t come out yet
    The marketing is completely dumb but it looks fun

  15. Honestly crackdown 1 and 2 weren't even that greatest games they were just the kinda game where you fuck around and beat stuff up and jump around for a bit then log off. Seems to be the same kinda thing to me

  16. A lot of people have insulted the up and coming PS4 exclusive "Dreams" by suggesting Crackdown 3 was built from the tools from the recent Dreams beta. I must say I've seen by far better looking things from that beta than this shit so I think those people should apologise 😂

  17. Owned an Xbox and Xbox 360 and Xbox One and an Xbox One X bought an Xbox 360 for both of my kids and I can tell you that I am not surprised about any of this. Xbox has lost its way long ago Halo 2 was its peak and once they've bought Bungie to exploit its party system and friends list system they ruined Bungie and it's been on a steady decline since. I'm 40 years old and I was a grown up already when the first Crackdown came out and it was a cute little arcade game there was nothing super impressive about it when you stood it up next to its competition. The only thing that made it stand out it was it's quirky cartoon atmosphere. There's nothing about this game that had any redeeming qualities I remember buying Crackdown 2 and being mad I bought it. Halo 2 and the original Morrowind for the win on all Xbox anything ever

  18. dreamcast guy looks like that pedohile that got away. hahahahaha!!!! " have a seat, why are you here " im chris hansen.

  19. Everyone seems to forget that in Crackdown you don't start out with the best weapons and abilities. So this gameplay doesn't really show what the real game will be like.

  20. Its gonna be on gamepass which is where i'll be playing it. I don't think i can justify paying £50 for it so paying only £8 seems like a good deal to me.

  21. big games in february? only metro i guess.crackdown-shit,far cry-complete reskin shit.anthem-destiny in suit.apex legends and re2 remake were only suprises so far.and here we go for march.division2-nothing new or special at least playable.dmc5-too oldfashion but playable.

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