Why Blizzard Won't Release Diablo 4

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo revolutionized the computer role-playing game genre in 1996. 2000’s Diablo 2 revolutionized it again, and 2012’s Diablo 3 ranks as one of the best selling games of all time, with over 30 million units sold. Six years later, though, there’s no sign of Diablo 4. So what’s the hold up? Here’s a look at why Blizzard won’t release Diablo 4…

Perfect is the bare minimum | 0:25
Diablo III’s launch failure | 1:09
Diablo III is still popular | 2:21
The action genre has changed around them | 2:51
The life cycle of Blizzard products has gotten longer | 3:42
There’s been a changing of the guard | 4:41

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  1. 2:54 check out the visual comparison from Diablo 1 to Diablo3. Honestly, I think it is a HUGE problem in the Diablo franchise. Diablo3 is a color bombardment with every action having a color explosion and you can't see what is going on. Go back to the gothic-horror look.

  2. blizaard tot und begraben, alle meine körperflüssigkeiten würde ich auf ihrem grabe hinterlassen. u guys dont have phones!!??

  3. Seasons was made because you had everyone playing with mods ….tell the truth lol seasons has no mail box ….think blizzard north should make d4 oh wait they all left and rest got fired…think they should be called Activision cos that what they really are now just a shell of there former self's…rip blizzard

  4. Well, is top down/isometric view not kinda like a major aspect of the arpg genre? I doubt the very concept of a game like that (regarding the gameplay) would work with Dark Souls or God of War like camera. A game like that set in the universe might work, but it would not be Diabo 4 in the end, since that is a successor to a genre defining game and should stay true to that. Nobody wants to see a third person Halo, or a Borderlands with an in depth character creation, or an easy Dark Souls, or a looter game (no matter which franchise) without loot (looking at you, anthem).

  5. They better release it. They cancel that first person starcraft shooter for diablo 4. I thought it would finally come out. A stealth starcraft shooter sounds cool.

  6. Diablo III was far from perfect they should have never parted ways with the staff from the first two games even if they were dissatisfied with the 2005 product ultimately not releasing it. That's why it took them 10 years to release III.

  7. Lost are and Proejct TL will have to do… its honestly looking to be better than Diablo 3's sucessor could… Dynamic Camera, epic set pieces… especially TL changing their format to be a Single hero based game where lost ark is already getting incredible reviews from those playing the Korean builds… By all means Blizzard… Prove me wrong.. I've played Diablo 3 for hundreds of hours 4 characters in End game Peak Build… i need the fix again…

  8. Blizzard won't except anything less than perfection?
    BOOM – DIABLO IMMORTAL!!! Lmao….what's next World of Warcraft Nintendo DS version? xDD its killing me…..literally….

  9. Does anyone else suspect that blizzard secretly contracted this video to be made. Most gamers aren't feeling so positive, seems like a strangely positive narrative.

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