Western RPGs vs Japanese RPGs – I: What Makes Them Different? – Extra Credits

To compare these genres, we have to first look at how we define a role-playing game to begin with. Culture even influences our perception of what’s “fun” or “engaging.”
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(Original air date: February 29, 2012)

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  1. "I cannot think of any other genre that we define using its country of origin."
    Have you maybe heard of kpop kdrama kbeauty?
    All of which has nothing to do with videogames but they are intellectual properties defined by their country of origins

  2. (0:40) You do have "europlatformer" … which I assume is short for "European platformer" … but I can't find any information about this. It's used sometimes, but not that often.

  3. "Can't think of any other genre that we define by it's nation of origin"
    Anime. It's a genre of animation defined by it's nation of origin.

  4. Most Japanese RPGs are essentially "visual novels" with stat based combat and character leveling and with very little "role playing". Hell, even Mass Effect has more role playing than most JRPGs. At least that game gives you the illusion of choice that effects the story in minor ways. Can't say the same for "Muh, Final Fantasy" . lmao

  5. JRPGS allow creativity. They don't tell you go do this and that. You have to find objects on your own. Also JRPGS has ambitious story. Xenogears for Example had the feels that something big is going on which it delivered by it's awesome backstory. Comparing to Mass effect it starts with a big evil appearing. Mass effect was good. But xenogears is 100 time better in story. The only WRPG that had a great ambitious story is KOTOR and Planescape Torment.

  6. 1:42 MAN I am literally shocked right now :O
    My TWO most favorite video game genres are Eroge and RPG with some platformers added in between. I hardly play anythign else.

  7. There is a locked door blocking your way to the objective, what do you do?

    You must find the key by running around a dungeon killing mobs until you reach a miniboss holding the key to unlock the door.

    Depending on your current build.
    Kill everyone and find the key on a person.
    Sneak around and steal the key on a person
    Kill everyone and find a spare key in a room.
    Sneak around and find a spare key in a room.
    Pick the lock.
    Break it down with your sheer strength/weapon.
    Break it down using an explosive/spell.
    Find another, esoteric and out of the way path/s to reach the objective.
    Disguise yourself as an important person and ask for entry.
    Convince one of the guard's to let you through.
    All the while, how you get past that door affects the next room's condition.

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