We Play Doom VFR On PlayStation VR – Actually Knee Deep In The Dead!

Nath has been a huge Doom fan for decades and now gets to play it in virtual reality, taking on the demons of hell in Doom VFR on PlayStation VR!

Here we’re playing with the Move Motion Controllers, but Doom VFR can also be played with Dualshock 4 or the PS VR Aim Controller. We’re using teleportation but the game can also be controlled smoothly, like a regular first-person shooter.

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  1. It plays incredibly well with the aim controller but that grenade hand REALLY needs an option to turn it off I currently have the grenade launcher and I can’t turn it off it makes it awkward to play. You should still be able to shoot your grenades but give us the option to hide the hand/grenade launcher
    I really hope there is an update to sort this out I’d also like to remap gun changing to the d pad on the aim controller other than that the game is awesome.
    The best way to play without a doubt is with the aim controller

  2. the teleportation movement only seems "lame" to me because it feels like cheating as they dont even prep the NPCs for it. they are always looking at the direction you were in previously so it makes the game easier just by doing that and the move controllers would be cool to have but i would never use them and have to use the dualshock instead for normal gameplay and movement.

    Besides feeling like cheating it also seems like the VR people were just being lazy and dont want to spend extra money designing and producing those move controllers with the proper element needed for normal "smooth locomotion" in VR games without resorting to the old school controllers. you think they would have atleast designed the AI to be prepared for the teleportation and act accordingly but they didnt even bother with that.

    They want more people to buy VR but they wont put in the effort themselves for any meaningful, longlasting content. the only good games so far are Skyrim and Fallout and those were for normal consoles 1st. so ports of old games, which i love and will play in VR happily, are so far the only worthwhile content in VR. instead of porting the original DOOM to VR, they made "new" content that cannot even keep you busy with one playthrough for 2 hours. in my opinion because they are lazy or not willing to commit to VR while at the same time wanting everyone else to commit before they will do anything in the medium.

  3. I've only just platinum'd Doom (plat number 150, Dave) and you may have just sold me on Doom VFR Nath! This looks like so much fun once you get the hang of the movement.

  4. Can you please talj about Parasite Eve 2 on friday feature? For me, it was better than any of the Resident Evil Games of the Playstation 1

  5. Ok, this is the final straw that kept the VR off my Christmas List. No gifts for the family this year, I need a VR.
    One question: Are there any "Move-only" (as in No-VR-required) games on the PS4?
    I remember a couple of games for the PS3, although I never owned nay of them or a move controller. I'm just wondering if there will be any games that I can play with others, without using the VR.

  6. The control with the Move Controller is a joke! And that with the Aim controller the left hand constantly hangs in the Picture(Screen) is an even bigger joke! Unplayable. 35 euros wasted.

  7. Why are VR games SO short?? When will we get many full length VR games? If I had known we wouldn’t get full length VR games, I wouldn’t have got PSVR. I really want a much much longer Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood 2. That is my favourite PSVR game to date.

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