Watch us build an Xbox One X PC live!

Microsoft’s Xbox One X presents an interesting challenge for PC builders. Sure, if you want raw power, nothing beats the PC. But putting together an Xbox One X equivalent for the same $500 price is tricky. In this video we go over all the parts (so far) and why we picked them.

Parts list:
Ryzen 3 1200:
ASRock A320M-HDV:
RX 580 8GB:
Western Digital 1TB Blue:
Blu-Ray drive:
Thermaltake Versa H15:

If you insist of buying an Xbox One X:

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  1. what the hell s the guy doing with the screw drive, its a one twitst connection, plus using a ratchet screwdriver that causes 0.005 mU static . oh by the way where are your earth's . and don#t say your on a static mat, vyway this is got to be the worlds worst pc build ever seen

  2. @1:11:09 the angry drunk asian dude keeps trying to add the cost of the TV to the cost of a game console!!?? I'm not sure why this angers me so, but I feel it speaks to the pretentious superiority that this guy must feel because he prefers pc gaming over console. Serious tho? Who doesn't already have a TV? So we should all assume he doesn't own a TV since he's a PC gamer? Also I'm not sure where they're from, but those prices are fucked. You can easily get a 55 inch 4k ultra HD from Walmart for $300 the right time of year. PS4 pro used about $250. That's $500. Same Walmart you bought the TV from, you can get an assortment of laptops all under $400. This dude just wants to be right so fucking bad he's just making up/ using outdated prices (even for 2017) just to prove his sorry ass point.

    News flash for you buddy, if you gotta like and exaggerate to prove your point, your point isn't valid. Eat a bag of dicks and goodnight.

  3. 300 bucks can now outperform that, and even when you guys made this video, you could have built a comptetive machine for 500 bucks. yall shilled hard. havent seen yall since then, karma?

  4. I have only been through one. I actually blew it up. Like poor just done lol. Way back when 360 came out. I was playing the hell out of halo 3. But, I know the cooling. My first Xbox one is still kicking. I built a case for it. U put more fans. Better cooling

  5. Another thing to keep in mind is the network card and size. The size of the x, is the size of the s 70% smaller then the tower shes currently using

  6. Hi so question, I have a xbox one forza 2tb designer edition and I reprogrammed it a little and reset the cache upgraded the processor, added an internal graphics card and two micro controllers with thermal coolers and added 8g ram and 4 2tb hdd's and set one of my drives to internal caching to increase video quality. Here is my thesis, any way to get better results without all that work?

  7. I've went through 12 RRoD 360s for the original ones. When the slim model came out I bought it day one and still to this day (actually playing it while watching this video) it's still running strong. I've let in run for nearly a whole year, while playing a game, and it's doing great. Now PlayStation on the other hand those die out very fast due to my gaming style and kept on getting repairs and Sony, not being fast enough, that they kept sending me broken consoles so I ended up saying screw Sony and all their products. I've tried to PS4, while having the Xbox One X, but didn't like it cause it was graphically bad so I traded it in and got me the Astro A50 headset, never regretted it.

  8. Drinking and building a computer is terrible combination. If you screw something up at least you won't remember it the next day.

  9. I built my Last system in a Thermaltake Core V1. It has no real cable management, but it is pretty small and has room for a video card. It comes with a 200 mm Fan in front. It pushes a lot of air out the case vent holes. Cable management would be better with a M.2 drive. It has 2 drive caddies on the side of the case that are removable that can hold both 3.5 and 2.5 drives. I put in a Gforce 1050 ti 4GB DDR5. Short Video card with one fan that requires no extra power connectors.

  10. What do you think about the Final Fantasy 12 on steam. I was discussing this with my son. I am 61 and am thinking about a steam package. I loved playing FF 12 on Play Station 2.

  11. i buy my son a 360 special edition on 2010 he use for 7 years every day and is still working i go hen xbox 1 x last year but that 360 0nly i change the on off boton

  12. Was zur Hölle trinkt ihr da? Das ist doch kein Bier! Frag uns Deutsche, ich schick euch ein Kasten gutes Weißbier, oder Pils runter!

  13. I fix red ring 360's quite well. If you make shrouds from mylar you can make the cooling much more efficient. I got it so the hot air exiting the 360 case was easily 2 or 3 times hotter then stock, meaning heat removal efficiency was enough that they never bricked again, and if done initially they would never brick.

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