Warcraft 3 – Yule Cup GRAND FINAL: [UD] 120 vs. Infi [NE]

Yule Cup – Grand Final
[UD] 120 vs. Infi [NE]
Cast by: Neo & Remo
Date: March 23, 2019

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  1. Wow this reminds me of Mike Tyson. How will you ask? Well there were a lot of good heavy ( very heavy ) black strong fighters .. and then Mike Tyson came and killed them all in the first rounds. This was the era of Tyson dominating sumpremly. Same happened to wc3. Happy and 120 came and completely changed the pro game around. Just like Mike Tyson who used his weaknesses turning it into a strength … for example being short .. he would use it go generate a crazy moment to throw one hook to the body then with all the moment and in quick combination with he previos punch thro an uppercut…the two kings of warcraft use their weaknesses to their advantages … and with such God likeness.. one base vs two no problems.. that just means more units to wipe out .. the whole gold would just go into feeding the undead heroes. Whole undead is staying under 50. So constant plus 7 gold would simply just go into zero. How ? Well by having a much stronger army composition.. with better army control and mana recovery the two kings can control the map and attack and retreat just to quickly kill weak units. Give this pressure some time and the heroes grow into real monster where its insta gg hands down, not even close. Of course this only works if you have insane unit management and understanding of the dynamics of the movments of each unit. The way for example 120 created a labyrinthine with his units for the DK for him being able to run away ..just like Mike Tyson used the tactics to always get closer to the appointment while blocking his face with two hands at all times (peekaboo style) but when he threw a punch he would move his head so he was even harder to be hit even when he was not protected. This tactic only works if you are quicker, stronger and have better stamina and an amazing physical genetics like insane neck and strong ass/legs.

  2. why dont you move cam at the beginning.. sitting on the nightelfes base.. i wanna see how the undead starts his play aswell.. he already has 5 buildings when you finally start moving over..

  3. most of every Chinese online famous player can smash happy but not 120 , so 120 is best UD no doubt.

  4. noob question … the streamer keep saying "thank you abc for twelve months free sub" or something like that i can not hear clearly. Anyone can explain?

  5. Guys, sometimes I don't know who to watch : Back2Warcraft with 2 awesome mens, or Grubby !
    Thanks for your passion, your entertaining videos, your work and your fun ! =D

  6. Spoiler.

    120 is such a micro god.
    He makes mistakes here and there but Wc3 is a micro intensive game rather than macro and decision making which makes it so easy for this 22 year old man.

    Neo and Remo, thanks for brininh this whole Yule Cup to us.

    Great Job.

  7. Seems like mass air is not a strong strat against UD he was Up an expo on amazonia for the whole time and still 120 got the win despite a bad early game for 120 (level 3 timing killing 2 acolytes). It feels like any other strat would have been enough to get the win.

  8. "HE CAN'T BREAK HIM!" That got me chills! Nice Neo, you are SUPERB as always! I watch your uploads every day, you are the best "upgrade" in WC3 so far! 😛 😀

  9. feel like Remo overestimate armor for abominations. Price of 1 upgrade is like 60% price of 1 more abomination. 3.6 abominations > then 3 with 2 armor

  10. When Sok lost to 120: gg gl final.
    When Lawlite lost to 120: gg wp.
    When infi lost to 120: I suspect 120 was watching the live stream during the game.
    Infi is absolutely a good game player, and absolutely he is a morally undeveloped man; Selfish, arrogant, and never respecting others.

  11. For those who think infi betrays his race, a fact is that 120 uses orc before 2014. Also, in Gold League 2018 April, after losing to focus by using UD (0:3), 120 changed to Orc and won th000(orc vs orc 3:0) and met with focus again, kept using orc and won by (4:1).

  12. Me as a 120 fan after game 3 ‘is he going to 4-0 infi?’ checks time left on video: oh shit *bites nails

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