[Vinesauce] Vinny – Weird RPG Maker Games (Stream Highlights)

Vinny plays weird RPG Maker games!

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*Games featured in video*

Happy Melancholic Kid: EP1

i am a tree. you are not. haha.

Super Mario PC Challenge 7/PC Fun 2

Face 3D Chung [Blog]

Inwazja Kotów: FINAL MIX

Krypto.exe”s Christmas

Mix Ore [Wiki]

Mouth Sweet

Pom Gets Wifi

The Endless Empty


Headphone Hero

Inkling’s Nightmare

The Room 2: Tears of Lisa

Toad Strikes Back


  1. That delivery scene in MOUTH SWEET got to me a bit. I have a feeling that the in-game and fan warnings about it were justified, and I kind of want to see more – but only kind of, due to spooks.

    Funny thing is, I was giggling at the distorted "Ho, ho, ho" music from the Krypto game. I think it was mostly the sudden volume that did it.

  2. The instant a stolen DeviantArt picture of Jeff the Killer showed up and Skillet started playing, I internally died.

  3. Vinny definitely got japed with Mouth Sweet. It's a really good game with a nice message at the end. I dunno why everyone treats it like it's the most controversial game ever. Also I played through it and never saw a dick anywhere in the game, but maybe I just didn't enter the right room or something.

  4. I'm sad he got japed about Mouth Sweet. It's super good and considering there's a complete longplay on Youtube of it there are no dicks or anything bannable

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