Using the Elgato Stream Deck for Gaming?

Can you use the Elgato Stream Deck for PC gaming? Let’s find out!
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  1. Just purchased the stream deck. Using windwos 10, I have setup inputs that matches the keymapping for assassins creed origins. The inputs works fine on windows and trying the keys in for example Word and Notepad. But in game, the keys are not working.

    Does anyone know of a reason why the input works in Word, but not ingame?

    For example, using a key for "m" works fine in Word or Notepad, but ingame the 'm' key is not working for opening the map. Keystrokes similar to this i also not working. I have tried another game, and it is the same there.

  2. In a game like rfactor 2, it does not recognize the elgato stream deck. How have you managed to configure it?
    For simulator games it would be very interesting and useful. Greetings.

  3. Would it be possible in a game like Star Citizen to use the Stream Deck for different functions, with the already exiting "folder" function?
    Like one folder for weapons, one for engineering, one for shields and one for landing gear/outer doors?

    Just un-boxed mine today, and I see a possible future, wider then just a stream deck function on this.

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