Using Stickers on PUBG Mobile 1.1.16 (Game for Peace) ULTRA GRAPHICS

New PUBG Mobile version!
PUBG Mobile 1.1.16 (Improved version)
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Gameplay on all 4 maps!
(Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi)

Everything new on this 1.1.16 version!

New PUBGM Team Deathmatch 25 Kills Gameplay!

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Important information:

The previous 0.14.5 chinese version updated to this new 1.1.16 and with this new update some big changes related to violence were made, like the new orange zone and the “good bye” animation.

Previously the 0.14.5 wasn’t not approved to include in-app purchases due to the “graphic violence” in game, so in order to full fill the Chinese government regulations this new version was pushed.

This DOESN’T MEAN that those changes will be pushed to the global version, since those change are exclusive to full fill China regulations.

Also on China this new update is now know as “Peace Elite” or “Game for Peace” but still is PUBG Mobile owned by Tencent and development in charge of Tencent’s studio Lightspeed & Quantum, it was not “shutdown” as misinformed people say, it was just updated and revamped.

Fun fact:

It was never called PUBG Mobile on China, since the first release 1 year ago and till 0.14.5 version the game was know as “Stimulate the Battlefield”.


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  1. I was trying to record it on Squad TPP but my ping it's a mess since this update.
    Gotta put "Game for peace" on title cause too many smart gamers still don't understand this was an update to the previous 0.14.5 and not a different game, they too woke 🙃

  2. Reason why they named it like this and why they replaced blood with green shiny circles is so it doesn't look violent. This game started getting banned in more and more countries so they had to change it otherwise they would loose a lot of players

  3. guy this is only for china serve our serve is still same reason what happend to the china serve them close down and them made a new game is own by china and is not pubg

  4. I did not really like this new PUBGM, it's too bad! looking like Free fire … where have you ever seen someone kill him and he can bark and give you good-bye? For me they should try to look more like PC PUBG! but it is a problem of those who liked it, right?

  5. Can someone tell me why my game have terrible sounds, I really want those beautiful sounds of the guns in this video

  6. Hola.. Free skins (lol)
    Nice VID bro .. "game of peace… "
    (not rly cool name BTW!)
    LOVE YA! M here since u had 3-7k
    (that time, I had subscribed only for a few related vids but now u r ma king!) …
    Such an active YTUBER u r!

  7. Si quiero comprar el pase de batalla de esta versión con una tarjeta de regalo de Mexico de iTunes a mi cuenta de china se puede hacer normal? Por el mismo precio? Ya convertido a la moneda 🤔🤔

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