USB Killer vs PS4 Pro & Xbox One S – Instant Death?

What Happens If You Plug a USB Killer Into a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S? or vs Apple TV 4? Do NOT Try This At Home!

USB Killer vs MacBook Pro:
USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus:
I bought mine here:


  1. The thing that I don’t understand is that he compares Xbox one s with PS4 Pro it’s like comparing Xbox one X with Ps4 slime, he should did Xbox one X vs Ps4 Pro or Xbox one s vs Ps4 slime

  2. Bruh it's like jumping a car you never touch the ground to the live wire you ruin your car battery.. When to touch the two wires together your completing a circuit successfully damaging the host at that every moment because the electricity has nowhere to go but in a full circle hence the word circuit. Where a normal circuit has a out let at some point so all that power doesn't literaly fry the shit out of someone or something.. So what I'm saying is the USB killer is essentially what I just explained to you only difference is instead of 2 little speaker wires it's obviously using something that can conduct more power and run it full circle (circuit). I mean damn what did you think would happen damn it's 2019 and people are still dumb as shit. Shit is smarter then these clowns nowadays. Here let me spend 1,000$ to demonstrate my own ignorance to a bunch of idiots that truly believe PlayStation is better the the company that build computers for Sony to be able craft a FUCKING PlayStation in the first place. Obviously no body here is Bill Gates. Raw stupidity at its finest 👐 👇

  3. I like the fact the Xbox did not survive because I already hate the Xbox because of the Xbox live Microsoft keeps crying about

  4. Lmao I hate that he does this and my Xbox broke randomly and I can’t afford another one till a while 😂 he testing this right after buying it but yea he got money he a youtube lmao

  5. if you can just buy a ps4 pro and an xbox one s and destroy them with a very dangerous usb drive then you should totally buy me a ps4

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