1. My fan just started going loud asf after the lights went out and my nvidia graphics card is gone. Now it doesnt even appear and downloading the program didnt even help.:(

  2. Seems like all bullshit technologies now like iphone and jbl require update every time and doesn’t seem to fix errors. Even my laptop is bullshit already because of nonsense updates

  3. i found my screen blacking out, so i did clean install of the newest driver 391. I had been using 345 version all along, despite a few times re installing the new driver, still occurs when im only playing online video. Why?

  4. Not always the issue some issues are BIOS updates are needed for example GTX 960 and the 960m. Which do not have BIOS updates for windows 10 for older Computers to fix it that why I use Ubuntu 18.04 mesa.

  5. My issue here is that I found out where can I find the NVIDIA file named “nvcplui,exe” (which is on NVIDIA Control Client) and when I open that folder the file “nvcplui.exe” dissapeared after installing a Game Ready Driver update V4 idk what else and when I open the NVIDIA Control Panel I get the error: PARAMETER IS INCORRECT

    Any solution???

  6. hi had a problem with a gtx 660 when insalled got a blue screen but can use safe mode think i uninstall the drivers try to download from nvidea but cant find the gpu to install them

  7. I was updating my driver and my screen went black so I restarted my pc and it wasn’t black but I don’t have a control panel

  8. i cant find the nvcplui.exe in my c: drive i did a full reset of my whole computer yesterday and after that i cant find nvidia control panel, and after the driver thing loaded up it went away and would let me chose the clean update thing, its just in my hidden icons thing and i can't left click it only left click it but when i do it only sais exit, pls can i get help and the nvidia control panel isnt available in the windows store. im really scared that i wont be able to play stretched resolution on fortnite again and that ive messed up my pc that i spent all my money on, please i need help!

  9. Question, is one of the issues slow boot? I did a fresh install of windows it reboots within seconds, once I did windows updates including the GeForce 720 update I started having the slow boot issues.

  10. my nvidia control panel keeps crashing over and over again

    i've tried everythings i found on the web so far (no i'm not too stupid) its just a problem with Nvidia i also bought a new SSD / reinstalled windows 10
    bios are up to date also all drivers

    control panel opens then stuck immediately and closes right after open

    PS: How i already said : nothing worked! i tried everythings with DDU and service bullshit

  11. This is nice video. that fix my problem. but one thing how could I know which is the stable driver if i do not know. any suggestions???

  12. I just installed the geforce experience onto my pc, it's saying to install geforce game ready driver, when i do it tells me to restart my pc, and i do that and nothing has happened and it doesn't let me go to the home page, someone please help me

  13. Whenever I do this, my nvidia control panel is completely gone…its sooo gone it feels like it was never installed in the 1st place

  14. My GTX770 has started giving me the Code 44 error since a Windows Update about 3 days ago. I had gotten it before and somehow had gotten rid of it. But this time, nothing I do works. I've tried older drivers, new ones (both custom and express installations), I've updated my BIOS… I don't know what to do anymore.

  15. on PUBG some months ago I had 80fps now I have 30-40 fps wtf and on GTA V my PC should be running it with at least 70 fps but I have 30 fps now I cannot play any games because its unplayable in every single game I either have FPS or screen tare or some sort of a problem HELP !

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