Unity Tutorial: 2d Physics Mobile Game – Part 1

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You can download most of the files for my tutorials from my website here:

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  1. I really appreciate how in depth your instruction is. Not only are you walking us through how to make a game, you're explaining development choices (i.e. what device you are designing this for) and you are providing us with multiple examples of how to work within the Unity engine. It's pretty excellent.

  2. how to add all the objects as he did he is not showing how to create or from where he have taken them…………….. this thing is wrooooooonnnnnggggggg……..

  3. Please help me I would like the following:

    How do I ?, for a 2d platform game, my character to fall into a mobile platform, while moving the platform, ie the platform drag the character. Function as an elevator but horizontal.

    Thank you

  4. +quill18creates I have tried to use you InitialVelocity script but it doesn't work for some reason. I am using Unity 5.

  5. Very good tutorial sir!
    and i push the game to my android phone, and it runs there. but my problem is i cant control the box on the screen of my phone, they just move themselves with gravity.

  6. I have some trouble can somebody help why when i build and run project the files have a 38 MB only when i compile scene with platform ? and why after 5 minutes of running is my device too hot ? i have Xperia SP and unity  5.0

  7. Assets/InitialVelocity.cs(8,46): error CS0119: Expression denotes a `type', where a `variable', `value' or `method group' was expected   When doing the Velocity Script

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