Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide Gameplay – Solve Final Ganesh Puzzle

The final puzzle in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy takes some thought. We’ve got the complete solution to the Ganesh statue puzzle and wall puzzle. Chapter 7 Uncharted Lost Legacy Guide.


  1. Who is the mother fucker who designed and thought yeah this is a good game for 11 and 8 years olds who are gonna probably play the game so since everyone hates how there is little hours to play the campaign. Let’s just put 15 fucking annoying ass puzzles and waste 10 hours of my fucking time. No cool plane missions or gunning down people and all that cool shit and just call this a full game when really it’s just an over priced DLC for uncharted 5

  2. I came here cuz I was stuck on the tiny piece but I turned it once and I got it even after starting to the first minute of this, thx for no help 😁

  3. Puzzle make me crazy all the time lolll still very good game i hate doing the puzzle every chapter , naughty dog & sony thanks all the uncharted's always like that loll

  4. I've tried everything and I can't even get past the first part fuck this game waste of my money can't wait to refund it

  5. this puzzle is messed up, the middle part turned all the pieces at the start and then after a while I was able to move it by itself and eventually did it. Never use this puzzle again Sony

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