UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – Accolades Trailer | PS4

See what critics are raving about UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy—a new game from acclaimed developer Naughty Dog coming August 22 to the PlayStation 4.

In order to find an ancient Indian artifact, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross must venture deep into the Western Ghats mountains, discover the lost cities of the Hoysala Empire, and face a ruthless warmonger, Asav.

© 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. UNCHARTED is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Created and developed by Naughty Dog LLC.


  1. hi my name is cesar i have the uncarted i have the 1 2 3 the 4 i do not have it because i am poor so i do not have the ps4 thanks for listening

  2. I just got around to playing this. Wow! Great work guys. Awesome game. You guys make the best games. I hope you never stop. Can't wait for The last of us 2!

  3. I'm trying to update my ps4 games but every time I try to sign in to my psn account a screen comes up saying "an error has occurred" with no error code. Anyone know a fix?

  4. Only PS4 game I've enjoyed more this year is Yakuza Zero. Surpassed all my expectations and they were quite high because I love the Uncharted seres and Chloe is my favorite character after Sully. Given the shorter development cycle and fact this started as merely a story expansion, things still had a chance to go awry but Naughty Dog proved once again why its the best in the business. Hope when we get some sales figures that it does well enough to convince the studio to keep making Uncharted games.

  5. After I platinumed this I sat and thought how bad it must suck to be an Xbox fanboy and not have any games while PlayStation gamers play greatness day in and day out.

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