Uncharted Drake's Fortune Brutal Mode: 5 Tips and Tricks to help you Survive!

The Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection adds a tougher difficulty called Brutal and I can confirm it was brutal…. Uncharted Drakes Fortune is known for being the hardest of the 3 Uncharted games so heres some tips and tricks I learnt from my playthrough help you beat brutal mode. Good luck =)


  1. can i use glitches and still get the trophy? im unsure but i think i can. i really hope i can couse im finally done with the most boring part of the game that took me month

  2. I’m about to start my run now. I almost gave myself an aneurism playing this game on Crushing, so naturally the best thing for me to do is start a Brutal playthrough!

  3. I looked back at this and I beat uc2 and uc3 in brutal but I can’t beat drakes fortune due to my game crashing every 3 minutes ;(

  4. Personally, I LOVE brutal mode. I like it because most people have already played crushing on the PS3 and it's sort of like a brand new experience that you cannot play on the PS3 versions. It's actually the whole reason I bought The Nathan Drake Collection, as insane as it sounds!

  5. I died a total of 115 times after beating killzone 2 on ELITE difficulty ranging the from all missions 1-10 it took 7 days to get to the final boss arena but then for the next 3 weeks I found myself in an utter nightmare until I beat it which was GLORIOUS!

  6. Did anyone know the AI could die in UC 1!!
    I am playing through on crushing and I am at the monastery in chapter 13. I was waiting back, so that Elena could get a few kills (which thankfully she can) and out of now where I walk out and it cuts to a scene of Elena getting shot, and then it reloads the checkpoint.
    Have never seen this or heard about it, has anybody else ever had their AI partner die in an UC game just in general combat?

  7. how did you get defeat 75 enemies tropies on uncharted 3 its my last trophy i need to get platnum and then i would have a platnum for everey single unchrted game tips??

  8. Dear LudiXP thank you for all your tips for handling Brutal Mode i just finished it and it does feel rewarding at the end when you have completed a very hard challenge. Next up for me is Uncharted 2 right after i get the other stuff in the lower difficulties.

  9. This is soooo clunky of a game the amount of random spawning enemies and shitty aiming compared to 2 and 3 just doesnt work well with brutal mode. I really enjoyed grounded mode on the last of us, finished brutal on uncharted 3 (working on 2) but this brutal mode is hilariously unfair

  10. THANK YOU, I needed this so bad for my Crushing play through and am using it for Brutal! I just got past Chapter 4 and am dreading Chapter 5!

  11. My tip: resist the urge to play it and just enjoy Crushing, which is a fair challenge. Thus remains fun. Whereas brutal is so poorly balanced it’s just an infuriating and terrible experience.

    I can’t believe how bad it is. Bluepoint is a great developer, so I have no idea what happened with this difficulty. You know it’s bad when you get caught in a death loop on the checkpoints. Only time I’ve had to deal with that is in games with manual saved (like the first few Ghost Recons). I’d save so often that I’d save and die after, so bad to quickly get out of it. Always managed to, but that was MY fault for saving after every kill lol. It wasn’t alright after a QTE, checkpoint or cutscene.

    So annoying!

  12. I literally bought the game on ps4 to play brutal mode but now i am depressed cause it wasn't as hard as i expected it to be.

  13. I'm on hard mode– I've never played the game before, I'm that stupid –I'll definitely give tip 1 a chance. I've had enough of these fuckers shooting me THROUGH cover when I'm not even aiming.

  14. I'm taking these tips on my crushing playthrough, it's hard enough. So hard I have said some regrettable shit and lost the following:
    – My dignity
    – My sanity
    – My VIP ticket to heaven when I die

  15. Only 1k subs? Wtf why this channel is AMAZING! whoever reads this u must sub to her or u will die! Thanks xludix these tips were really helpful and me I'm 10 and I completed uncharted on brutal!

  16. I love uncharted games but this one was just so hard because it is badly designed around this type of difficulty.
    For example, Grounded mode for TLoU was extremely hard but fair, and you could either sneak your way through everything or manipulate encounters in your favour by forcing the AI into some specific patterns, and it didn't feel like an exploit but like the game itself as designed for it

  17. I might due Brutal if l finish the others games l haven't played. I did platinum both UC1 and UC2 and l just finish the story on crushing on UC3 and on my way to platinum that. What most counts is getting the platinum. Might get back to it when l'm finishing the others games l haven't played.

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