Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Movie)

Watch the HD Remake here:

Considering this is the best game series I’ve ever played, and certainly the most cinematic, I decided to make them into movies. I decided that I would include every cinematic, and link them by the minimum gameplay needed to connect the cinematics without creating any plot holes. Obviously to do this I had to take out certain sections of gameplay, but doing so does not have any effect on story. As I was trying to make these as close to a real movie experience as I could, there were a few guidelines I decided to follow:

1. I would try to remove as many on screen references to this being a game as possible, such as chapter titles and button or new ammo prompts. Some of these would either be impossible or would too much negatively impact the quality of the film, such as the near constant ammo OSD, or the occasional “select” prompt for drake’s journal during puzzles.

2. I would try to include as much of the puzzles, in game cinematics and cinematic gameplay elements as I could. Some areas still needed to be cut to keep the movie flowing properly or, in the case of Uncharted 2 and 3, to keep the run length shorter than it would have been otherwise.

3. I tried to keep as much in game dialogue as I could, as I believe those really help develop the characters. However, as I said, I also had to keep an eye on how much gameplay I was using to make sure it didn’t make things too boring or make the movie too long.

In the end, my goal was to make a movie that would be watchable whether the viewer was a fan of Uncharted or not, and whether the viewer was a video game player or not. My initial reason was to find a way to show the story of these games to people in my family who don’t play video games. I think I succeeded.

However, remember that these movies WERE created from video games that are much longer when played through, so they will be quite long to watch. Here are the run lengths for all three:

Uncharted 1: 113 minutes
Uncharted 2: 177 minutes
Uncharted 3: 195 minutes

Let me know what you think.


  1. i find elena soooo attractive man

    shes a fucking goddess, its just that shes so hell bent on being the ultimate supreme save-the-world kind of girl that puts me off

  2. i have never played this game but based on its story, characters and gameplay looks one of the best games i've ever seen. its so cinematic and it appears more like a movie than a game. i really love nate drake's personality by being likeable jerk, snarky, sarcastic, intelligent and adroit in hostile environment just as well when is neck deep in some troubling situations.

    i love his relationship with elena who is also very strong, sexy and independent female character who can take care of herself. i like the fact they were married but i dislike that they cant stay together 4ever but always be apart, what pisses me even more that she always shows up in the middle of the game not at he beginning.

    chloe is very seductive, aggressive and very hot contrast to elena. at the beginning of uncharted 2 i didnt know what to make of her because she was on that thin line between good and bad, but she turned out ok. i prefer elena over her but she brings some interesting dynamic in all of this and its nice to see her having nate's back. sully is very hilarious and awesome, drake's father figure and without him nate wouldnt be what he is today.

  3. My favorite part about this game is when you go to Tibet and you can press square near the chickens to say hi to them XD you'll look crazy in front of everyone and it's hilarious

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