Unboxing CUSTOM NVIDIA RTX Cards! This box is CRAZY!


RTX is almost here! Today we do something I NEVER do on this channel… a dedicated unboxing of three different RTX Cards… Yeah, I know…

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  1. I have the evga rtx 2080 xc ultra. My led ligjts came on for the first 5 minutes and have never worksled since. Today is day 3. And today all games I run crash in just 3 minutes of play. Google hasnt been much luck helping either of these issues.

  2. a lot of hate on here ,don't forget prices are high because of miners ,remember empty shelves out of stock ,prices sky high ,news flash miners are already testing these cards ,so i hope performance isn't worth it for them ,also these cards are made in china there is going to be embargo 10 % on computer stuff so prices might go up again,also one miner said he ordered 8 of these cards so i don't think its over

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