ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation 2016 #30

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Episode #30 of Twitch Fails Compilation. Subscribe for more fails!

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  1. What's with America and their cardboard doors/walls? People are always like "wow look at me I'm a badass I punched a hole into this wall/door" and I'm just thinking they should try that in a real house with stone/brick walls and wooden doors..

  2. I've known two kinds of doors in my life.

    One which is easy to punch through- and one which is thick and will break your hand.

    He got the former.

  3. Americans being proud of smashing a door in. Wow. Of course they can. They are made out of fucking paper. Go try German/Polish/ORANYOTHERFUCKINGCOUNTRY engineered doors. Just like their fucking houses.

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