Tyrants of Cosplay: Jokerlorian & Harleia – A Star Wars/Batman Mashup

In this episode of Tyrants of Cosplay, we interview a couple of fun cosplayers all decked out in a costumes featuring a mashup of characters from Star Wars and Batman. We have Jokerlorian and Haleia.

Each of the videos in our Tyrants of Cosplay cosplay series will focus on individual cosplayers. We’ll conduct brief interview’s with each of the talented and creative individuals that we come across at the conventions that we attend and, of course, we’ll also include some shots showing off their awesome costumes. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our YouTube page!

Our first series of videos were shot at WonderCon 2017. I apologize for not linking the cosplayer’s name and link. The information we collected ended up getting lost.