Twitch Partner vs Affiliate

What is the difference between Twitch Partner vs Affiliate?

Need to know all the perks and benefits your get as a Twitch partner or Twitch Affiliate? Or Interested to know all the differences and benefits between a Twitch Partner vs Affiliate? In this video, I go over all the benefits, perks, and services that twitch partners get that twitch affiliates don’t have. This video is great for any Twitch affiliate looking to grow and gain Twitch Partnership.


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  2. I have a question: As a new streamer restreaming onto multiple platforms i noticed the 24hrs exclusivity part of the affiliate contract (which makes restreaming inpossible). I didn't see that restriction on twitch partner contract. Whats up with that?

  3. I fucking love this guy. I was playing Rainbow 6 Siege and got no followers for almost a month. Then I played a low viewed game (roblox) and gained 17 fucking followers in two weeks lmao.

  4. I just got the qualification for Affiliate yesterday but I'd rather stick to standard. Getting the qualification was a good enough achievement for me and I was a bit worried about the IRS and stuff. Seeing the entering tax information part got me nervous when I tried to look into the process. Guess you can say it was a bit of confusion more or less, especially since I've heard a lot of creepy things about the IRS.

  5. Thank u for all the information on streaming altogether. Definitely has been very informative. I'm rather new to the whole thing with Twitch.

  6. I just got affiliate yesterday! All I need to become a partner is the 75 viewer average! So close yet so far!

  7. yo all your videos are really helping me i can say that from by follow gain from some of your tips i have been doing twitch for 3days and now have 45 followers. One question i have is, do affiliates have ads now or no?

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