Trump Playing As Every Brawl of Champions Class! | Rastakhan’s Rumble | Hearthstone

It is time to rumbleeeeeeeee!
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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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  1. For any of you trying the brawl with warrior, hard mulligan for the Linecracker. If you survive that long, and it lives on the board for one turn, it will absolutely carry you.

  2. Malacrass is auto-win, honestly. All 4 games I had with him I got perfect win (won without taking damage). Your opponent can't develop anything onto the board.

  3. So apparently no one realizes this, but when upgrading your hero power, it is refreshed, just like if you play a death knight. I keep seeing one missed damage every time someone plays Justicar without pinging first.

  4. Could anyone with friends play lots of matches of Mage vs. Druid? I'm really curious to know if the Druid even has a chance against such an unbalanced deck

  5. The rogues gona be strong, the one that steals enemy cards, also the warlock shrine that deals damage to enemy instead of self, cards like imp etc will demolish the brawl

  6. I looked it up and they are voice acted by appropriate people but the voice acting for hook tusk and King rastakan always seem a bit racist/insensitive. Especially kings line of "I will not be rushed", on the pronunciation of rushed.

  7. Everyone asking for autochess in the comments, but the views on the videos is not even close to HS ones. I guess trump having fun with a new ''game'' instead of workstone is better..

  8. I think mage is probably the most consistently good deck. It really irks me that the put just literally nonsensical bad cards into some of these deck like the chicken or better yet the hunter has a beast theme deck it is has so many non best / non good cards in it like WHAT!!!

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