TOP WINRATE Heroes in Ranked | Season 14 WINNERS – Overwatch Gameplay Guide

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This Overwatch pro guide by Top 500 GM Pray will cover the top META heroes with the highest winrates in Season 14 ranked play! This guide also covers how to exploit these heroes in terms of gameplay to guide you to victory should you choose to main the best hero Grandmaster!

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  1. gamers went from raping to 'balls deep' in the ass and now ass 'clapped' which just sounds awful. can we just call it raping again?

  2. This video is pointless.
    You can't Rank up with Reinhard, because no one plays around him at the lower ranks. It's always funny, if my Moira thinks it's a good idea to solo flank, while I moving to the objective…

    Same with Lucio. Most DPS mains pick lucio, if a support is needed and they play him as such. Meaning, they're not with the team and forcefully trying to get that 6-player boop.

  3. This video is kind of a joke. What a 52% win rate means you’re likely to win 1/50 extra games if you’re not taking into account personal skill.

  4. Sombra is good in the current meta, the issue is it’s almost impossible to play a Sombra Based comp outside of a very well communicating team.

  5. Bet half that win rate with Lucio is SSSniperwolf getting carried to top 500. (Btw, I'm a Lucio main myself but the difference is I can actually hold my own and pull my weight)

  6. Just as a note, when you're talking about counters to Zarya's ult (around 2:20), you fail to mention probably the most straightforward counter: Dva's defense matrix.

  7. This whole video feels slightly disingenuous. I've looked at the statistics and you don't mention if these stats are based on the entire range or specific ranks within OW. Different heroes have different power in different ranks and that can throw these statistics off. The fact you don't mention how you came upon these statistics bothers me.

    Further, with the PTR changes coming, calling these the top heroes of Season 14 also seems disingenuous as it is very likely both pick rates and win rates will change.

  8. These videos don't really say much and people in lower tiers are gonna auto-lock these characters when they haven't even played them, they'll just think "if I play this character, we can totally win" when that's not the case. It's the matter of how you play them, (are they gonna be good or not?) how coordinated your team is and such.

  9. "This allows his team to stay behind his shield." HA. Good one.

    Honestly, win rate doesn't mean shit if you're solo queueing with randoms that don't know how to play.

  10. I have been playing Sym from the start of the season and i have 76% winrate with her, she's a good hero if played correctly oh and if people dont throw the game just because you pick her.

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