Top 5 Ways to Farm Materials/Plate/Gem in Monster Hunter World – FARM SECRETS! (Plunderblade Guide)

So want to know some of the better ways to get rare stuff? Enjoy!

There’s many ways to get materials, gems and plates in Monster Hunter World. From Legiana Set to the Plunderblade let me show you how you go about getting all the rare materials your heart could desire! Oh and Goldwyverian tickets too!

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  1. I had todo kill 20 nergigantes to get a gem and i have 5 bazelgeuse gems killing 5 of them, i want to kill myself. Ah
    And i got a xeno'jiiva gem at the first mission
    I Dont really call It luck, just…. Mental illnes, wtf i keep playing this 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I absolutely love your channel! Not only are they hilarious, but helpful too. I was wondering if you ever allow players to join you on hunts? I thought I'd ask in hopes I could join you two sometime. If not, I understand and that's cool. I'll just be watching your videos. Take care.

  3. Pro tip when you capture monsters of any type if there actually capture able as you damge the monester make sure you pay attention to the slinger ammo they drop the first is when there at about 30% of their health the second about 20% and the last at 10% just wait till you get the second pod trap them use 2 tranq bombs if that dont work you need 4 keep in mind I use electric trap not the pitfall one hope this helps

  4. I have a question about following a monster for investigations? are some investigations rarer than others? I have been following odogaron for a while for an investigations, and through 15 investigations through collecting its track, i have gotten 0 odogaron investigations, am i doing something wrong?

  5. Easy, just have a friend with bad luck. Hunt 86 Nergigantes until he finally has what he needs. Then laugh at him because you already got everything 70 hunts ago. Then laugh at yourself for not realizing the irony of the situation.

  6. Plunder blade is life. I've once fought a dodogama with a bazel invading and when the quest finished and I got the items from my palico he outta nowhere just snatched a bazel gem for absolutly no reason 😂😂

  7. Just went on a odo quest, killed a pink rathian for fun. Carved two rubies, and a gem off odo. Got another ruby and gem in the rewards. That's how you farm

  8. I was surprised when my palicos PB got gems when I was grinding for the vaal SA…I was like "whoa wtf I can get this?!"

  9. WELP the new even is low rank kirin where farm the pieces armor and i like capture monsters because helllllll i get tired of fighting things after awhile. Now to farm legiana and craft her bits of armor!

    didnt know about the weapon though!

  10. My luck is so weird with rare parts. I can get 6 xenojivva gems from 5 runs, but only 1 freaking tail when I need 2 for the fookin hunting horn!

  11. Misread your thumbnail thought it said "Easy RaPe Materials" 0.o

    I read 2 other guides to get plunder blade they don't mention that you have to WAIT for the corpse to spawn they dont even mention the corpse at all… so i kept going there multiple times, not seeing the plunder cat in area 13 and getting frustrated and leaving thinking its a chance for them to spawn or my games saved bugged out or something. I have it now thank you! Had to wait maybe 5 minutes for the corpse.

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