TOP 25 Most Viewed CS:GO Twitch Clips in 2018

Most viewed & TOP CS:GO twitch clips from year 2018 in one compilation!
I hope you enjoyed funny, pro and sometimes retarded CSGO moments captured on twitch including summit1g, shroud, skadoodle, s1mple, loltyler1 and many more!

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Views are counted to date: 5th December 2018.



  1. I was pissed off the first time I saw 1:14 you should be thankful to even have 40viewers but then she has a point, why do twitch thots who does less effort get more viewers anyways?

  2. maeby change your attitude girl, and you might get more viewers, i see lots of girl streamers, people wanna watch either tits, or girls that can entertain you with fun stuff.

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