1. Great video, but you're main complaint with some monsters comes from the fact that you can't use a Lance against them? That's the beauty of Monster Hunter games. Certain monsters require you to switch up your play style. I switch between 4 different types of weapons depending on the monster being hunted.

  2. "… played monster hunter for a very very long time…"

    Edit and post gameplay that just proves the enormous amount of a scrub the player is. No monster is bad, you just say things that totally depends on how you play.

  3. 7:20 not even Gravios? I switches temporarly too Hammer after I got a Quest for defeating two Virus-Black Gravios.
    My hatemonsters are Tigrex, all Yian Garuga Versions and Brachydios. But I like Kirin and Najarala.
    8:40 Surprisingly not. Im OK whit Magma and Brachial Tigrex, but I cant stand the normal one.

  4. LS Main here, and I actually really like Amatsu. It's my favorite Monster by far, I love the design, the roar, the music, the armour fooks fuckin amazing, yea I just really like it .Buuuuuuut I can see how a Lancer would have problems fighting him. For me, the Raths and all of their Subspecies/Deviants can go fuck right the hell of.They're not hard (I can't remember the last time I carted to a regular or even a Pink/Azure Rath) just annoying. And don't even get me started on the Plesioth.

  5. Monsters I actually hate, Yian Garuga, Gypceros, I don't hate Khezu because I always laugh because it looks like a penis, though I hate Khezu's spam

  6. Stygian Zinogre and Tidal Najarala were absolute nightmares for me in 4U (with their normal versions being similarly tilting just less so). Rajang and especially Furious Rajang legitimately make me a little scared. I farmed up a set specifically for the 2x Rajang village quest in Generations because I was scared to fight normally. The way Yian Garuga honestly just pisses me off. I've mostly only used short range weapons (SnS and Hammer) so super tall monsters like Plesioth and Gravios is always annoying toe tickling 90% of the time. Speaking of which, monsters like Plesioth who flail their head wildly around while down making it hard to hit with a hammer are very annoying. I used toalso really hate Rathalos until I learned you could flash bomb him out of the sky, so now I take great satisfaction in hunting him. Silver/Gold Raths though are just incredibly annoying though cuz their heads are so hard so I have to resort to tickling their toes too. As for elders, Kushala wind is very annoying to deal with as is Teostra's habit of never keeping his head still.

  7. 10. Kirin
    9. Blaganga
    8. Gendrome
    7. Shogun Ceanataur
    6. Rathalos
    5. Rathian
    4. Kuahala Dora
    3. Tigrex
    2. Gypceros
    And number one is….


  8. theres only 2 monster i dislike or hate in the hole of mh and that is the Yian Kut Ku and Garuga. both i struggle to get hits with the axe form on the charge blade, the Kut Ku I just hate how cocky it is and garuga i hate because i hate any monster that does poison damage because i get poisoned as i,m already poison making me shout " I'M ALREADY POISONED"

  9. No the absolute most horrid monster is konchu they are in almost every area or map and they’re like ‘hey setting a trap or bomb be a real shame if something were to happen to it

  10. the monster i hate the most is from Monster Hunter Stories,Uragaan EX.its so annoying because of that Tail Bomb ability its just so OP

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