Top 10 Facts – Battlefield

In this video about the Battlefield franchise I explore its humble beginnings, Swedish peculiarities, the convoluted inclusion of prehistoric sharks, the contrived outrage over a fictional rat murder, strange reload animations, and the mother of all Easter eggs.


Battlefield 2 OST – Main Theme
Battlefield 1942 OST – Vehicle IV (Main Theme)




  1. I love how lemmino mentions jackfrags in this video because both of them are some of my favorite YouTubers, I also watch both of them from like 3 to 4 years

  2. If you you are ever to find yourself in a situation in which a lion is chewing on your rear cheaks, ALLWAYS keep in mind, you'll be added on to PETA's little hitlist, should you fight back.

  3. “this type of violence has a brutalizing effect on the young male target audience” you literally shoot up a bloody airport full of people in modern warfare

  4. 9:19

    "A brutalizing effect on the YOUNG MALE target audience."
    Well, battlefield is not made for YOUNG MALE, they are fucking made for adults where you brutally shoot people.

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