Top 10 Best Nintendo DS RPGs -No commentary-

These are my 10 favourite NDS RPGs, whether they’re a remake or not. I didn’t include games like Chrono Trigger because I enjoyed them in other consoles.
If there is a game you love and it’s not on this list, make your own list instead of complaining. I am here to share my own top 10, and not the absolute greatest NDS RPGs of all time. Simple as that.

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  1. If these are your favourites.
    Make the title something like; My top 10 favourite NDS RPGs.
    You did put it in the decription, but that's not the first thing people see 😉

  2. My Top 7.
    1. Golden Sun Dark Dawn
    2. Suikoden Tierkreis
    3. Radiant Historia
    4. DBZ Attack of the Saiyans
    5. Final Fantasy IV
    6. Sands of Destruction
    7. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon

  3. Radiant historia’s coming on the 3ds….I can’t wait!
    And cheers!Radiant historic is one for your favorite! XD

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