1. I remember when I was in high school and I was at home, my parents were about to leave and I asked them if they could bought me this game, they went out and when they got home my mom gave me the game, I'll never forget, it was a great Wednesday

  2. I think we should talk about how impractical her choice of clothing is in this situation

  3. For me this tomb raider game was boring once I got up to the motorbike levels it became boring .and I been around longer than the originals on ps1 but angel of darkness was my worst tomb raider game though ..

  4. Для меня, вот именно с этой части и началась жизнь нормального качества серии игр Томб Райдер

  5. Whoever came up with this trailer should've gotten some kinda videogaming oscar because it's been 10 years and I still remember the chills it gave me when I watched it for the first time, and the excitement… Oh, hell, it still gives me chills now!

  6. How tf was I 6 years old when this came out holy crap. I was always so behind on playing the games since I was so young still and didn’t even know they existed, I remember when I would stumble upon a trailer for a tomb raider game I would be like holy crap there is another one and get excited even though I was like 2-3 years late lmao.

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