Tomb Raider – Shanty Town

Shanty Town is where Lara winds up after she slips in the river bank back in the Mountain Village. Hopefully, you managed to see both of her incredible death scenes, because after this, you won’t have a chance to view them again.Lara lands damaged from the fall and needs “medical attention” to regain the ability to jump and climb. For now, follow the path under the interrogator’s shack.Past the route under the shack, stop and shoot the cargo hook suspending the hanging cargo net, or Lara will be caught in a man-trap and attacked.

Shoot/kill the enemies here and follow the route to the chopper. Once she heals and earns the Fire Arrows, she will need to engage the enemy. Ammo is plentiful (and respawns in earlier areas, so you can fast-travel to the Mountain Base and stock up), so use all your weapons to blast enemies.Lara’s rope arrows will destroy enemy barricades (or drag enemies off the perch and kill them), but a good place to hold is near the ledge where enemies climb up. While they climb, aim gunfire to cause them to fall (and hopefully die).Cross over after the cut-scene. Enemies will appear and chop Lara’s line, so ready the climbing axe button and scale the wall to a day camp where you can upgrade Lara with skills, etc
Lara will not fight for the rest of this section. Instead she needs to sneak past all the enemies without being spotted. An A.I. Roth will act as an invisible sniper and kill enemies as they appear. (IGN)


  1. If you have really good aim with the bow and arrow then it shouldn’t be a problem to complete, I did it on the Hard difficulty

  2. i am playing easy version the highway to hell part from 5:45 onwards when shes on the bridge and when i think im getting close i end up with more c_nts coming at me so i keep dying plus nowhere to hide for long. I'm raging so hard my voice is almost gone. Youre playing normal and youre just sailing through…smh 🤔😒😖😛 i keep alternating between gun and bow cos i find the bow too damn slow. Maybe i should stick to the fire bow

  3. I felt like I was playing resident evil 5…… look at the environment…. look at the zombie like enemies… sigh…..

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