Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – Review (PS4 and Xbox One)

Tom Mc Shea takes a look at next gen Lara in a video review of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

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  1. How can I pass Lara's first kill? It is impossible to kill that guy.R3 button will break …either that or my finger slips from the button…I hate that

  2. I have been a Lara Croft fan for years now, but I wish this new Tomb Raider was actually an open map and you didn't have to kill everyone just to get to the next level. Honestly, I miss the Legend/Anniversary/Underworld game-play. Crystal Dynamics listen to our cries please. thank you.

  3. Who the fuck is Laura? This is someone paid for his opinion on games and he doesn't even know the name of probably the most famous name in gaming from the past two decades? Gtfo

  4. Just like TWD and Clementine, the story about survival and hardships in Tomb Raider and Lara just makes you wanna hug them in their times of despair. But what you can do however is ensure their safety by playing to keep them safe no matter what as the player behind the controller. Love the emotion this game brings to go along with the beautiful scenery and near flawless game play

  5. I don't play definitive addition games because they are not real playstation for games,  the graphics are just plainly updated to look tiny slightly better on ps4 that's all,  I meen its not like its an official ps4 game,  take gta 5 for example,  its not really an official ps4 game, if it was it would look like gta 6 but NO   its simply an updated graphics from ps3 to ps4 that's it that's all.  last example,  rise of the tomb raider on PS4 looks significantly greatly better then tomb raider definitive edition on PS4,    YOU GET IT

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