Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Review

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales reviewed on PC by T.J. Hafer

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  1. The story is stunningly amazing. Very engaging characters. And the music / ambience is top notch. This could have easily been the Witcher 4 game in terms of “story” and characters (it certainly feels as if it was written that way), but they just delivered a deep story with simper graphics and card based gameplay. I’m 20 hours into the campaign and loving it, although sometimes it’s nice that on lower difficulty you can skip battles if you’re having a hard time.

  2. Could easily have been done using the same visual style and map but with actual isometric or JRPG style combat. would have bought and played but I just can't go for gwent…. I did try it, just didn't enjoy it.

  3. this review is terrible.. 1/2 way through and all he has talked aboiut is story…. how about telling us what the game is and what the player dose to play it.. I'v still got zero idea what this game is.

  4. After I've played through Witcher series and Thronebreaker, I truly want to send CD Projekt Red a personal letter to thank them, thank them for putting a burning passion, love, sadness, truth, art and creativity into my heart. Not many game developers these days (*cough* bethesda, blizzard and EA *cough*) can have the pleasure of knowing that they do that for me, just because that is the fact of what their art does. Keep going strong CDPR!

  5. I’m into pretty much anything that gives me more Witcher lore. Though Im not a big card fan so I do wish CDPR had put time instead into another 20+ hour Witcher 3 DLC. Though I understand completely why they didn’t— working on CyberPunk, Geralts journey ended after Blood & Wine, it takes a lot more time to put together a comprehensive DLC, etc.

  6. This is a great game for about £20 whereas Fallout 76 is £60 and is more like a mod for Fallout 4. Bethesda needs to learn from CD Project Red

  7. Is this like hearthstone where you have to build your deck and get better cards progressively? Can you start playing this even if you haven't played Gwent?

  8. This was one of the best written, most clearly communicated reviews, by a gamer, for gamers, I have ever heard. IGN…you continue to impress me with your content. Thank you!

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