This is why EVE Online is the Best MMO!

This is a truly heartbreaking tale of trust, betrayal and friendship in the MMO, EVE Online.

Watch as one man scammed his closest allies out of their most prized ships, not only stealing their ships, but stealing their hearts as well.

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  1. Somehow the fact that the game includes people who are such tremendous scumbags and the idea that that is socially accepted doesn't leave me feeling like Eve is any better. In fact I hear that and it reinforces the idea that Eve isn't worth my time. Why would I join a game where I have to second guess which of my friends are planning to screw me over?

  2. Its not funny. Thats why i dont play online games. Yo deal with cheats thiefts. Hustlers and mafia is better to stay in the real world. Multiplayer is fantasy not a mini real world. Ridiculous.

  3. lol the guy that stole the ship and the guy that got stolen from are the same guy – he lost nothing like most things in eve the only thing that is true is eve's empty wallet. O.O

  4. Oh Mr Tic Toc what have you done lol. Its not easy running a group in EVE to be fair after spending many years doing it myself. You have to give some access but never to much. There will always be someone who will try and rob you up you just have to make sure when that dose happen which it will that it's never to devastating. Lending prize ships is something I will never do there is no excuse other than being thick but the occasional small theft of a corp office tab is about as bad as it should ever get if your on the ball. Mr Tic Toc clearly don't understand this and his time ran out 😉

  5. This guy sculpted the culture of a group, and emotionally manipulated people, just for the fun of it. Thank god this guy is in video games instead of the real world.

  6. I love EVE Online, its a fun game, while I would never try to pull off something like that because after 16 months ruining that friendship would break my heart but I do find that what he did to be epic… anyways now I return to the icy abyss of space

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