They Did WHAT?: 10 More Cool Details in Battlefield V

Battlefield V is full of tiny details, and they make the game more compelling. In this video, I talk about 10 more cool details in Battlefield V that make it more interesting. To see the first details video, click here:

In the meantime, tell me your favorite interesting details in the comments section. You’re all wonderful, thanks for being patient. Dealing with some stuff at home.

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  1. I did not see your Last one but that You can Just Grab ammo from a supported or Bandages from a medic ist awesome! The Detail that You geht ammo or health when doppelter or medic Just hold their boxes is awesome

  2. I have gotten lucky a few times after smoking it up just running through hacking people or shoot some smoke and go st them cause they expect you to retreat.

  3. They should make it so that if you melee kill someone at the edge of the bridge at Twisted Steel, you throw their body off the bridge after the animation plays.

  4. I was playing on Rotterdam with my friend and saw his character stumble on the sidewalk and catch himself on the building wall

  5. Aside from the on-the-back kills, all of the animations are just copy-pasted from BF1. Super lazy, and super dissapointing

  6. Title: THEY DID WHAT? content: omg guys they made a cockpit and it has functioning gauges as in it’s just a different ui to fly with and V isn’t a musical note the scale is a-g and loops

  7. There are a lot of cool contextual melee kills. Also they are affected by the weapon as well as the direction from which you attack. My favorite one is if you're using a knife and attack from the side, your character will stab the enemy in the side, and then punch them in the face when he turns to you. So gratifying hearing that smack when you punch him 😍

  8. It would be nice when u can see your body when you're in a first person shooter while in a plane .. like war thunder did with it pilots

  9. Quick correction. The crutch on the Stukka has nothing to do with the propellor. When bombs are dropped from an aircraft there is a slipstream affect as the wings and fuselage create lift. If a bomb is dropped from the outside of an aircraft and does not sustain enough velocity to break through it can ride along with and even crash back upwards into the fuselage which is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. As the Stukka is diving just releasing the bombs caused this to happen and the crutch was to obtain enough vertical separation to ensure that the bomb moved far enough away that it came away from the slipstream. Modern aircraft use small shotgun like charges in the bomb racks at firing to assist with this. Here is a good video with some examples:

  10. Lol the only thing I was rewarded with after completing the last tiger challenges and letters was a bug that prevented me from getting it unless I did complicated shit

  11. Skill of the crew uhm their is only 2 crew in the Tiger even though originally its 5:
    Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver and Machine Gunner.

  12. Maybe one day we can have bullet casings that don't disappear, would be cool to see places where alot of the action happens covered in casings and empty mags, dead bodies, destroyed vehicles ect

  13. I know I should be over this but I am still pissed of at politics and fortnite for ruining what could’ve been an amazing game

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