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LastKnownMeal, 2015.


  1. So far as money is concerned, one difference is looting items are worth more because they are higher level.. even maces are worth 300 when you sell them.. the buy prices are the same.. you make so much money in new game +.. this game is still the best game ever made

  2. So what exactly is the point of new game +? Are ppl really like to play the same game twice?… If i miss something that new game plus does, tell me. but if it's just the same game but with better items and higher difficulty i don't see a reason to do any of this…

  3. to clear tgings up there's no NG++ (NG+2) You can't start a new game++ on a new game+ save, i don't know why they did this but they f'd up, depriving us of a full experience.

  4. I honestlh dont care for new game plus i think it ruins the sense of immersion of u getting enough crowns to make your armour doing the quests to get the swords and stuff it just breaks the immersion

  5. If you have a black horse from Nilfgaard instead of taking coin, will you still have it after new game plus or will it go back to the brown one?

  6. For some reason when I did my ng+ playthrough I went for ciri's witcher ending, made all the correct choices cause I got the same ending on my original playthrough but after repeating the choices I got the empress ending, does somebody know if you can't get the same ending twice? I'm so confused

  7. If you play the DLC in standalone, do you go through the vanilla Witcher storyline if you go into NG+? Because I accidentaly saved over a large portion of my original save file and I'd rather go into NG+ while I'm already at a fairly high level.

  8. I just finished my first playthrough on Blood and bones diff and looking forward to doing it on death march. Im debating just starting a new save to get character progression again. any thoughts on that anyone if you decided between new game+ or just a new save

  9. i really like the beginner armor but when i start newgame+ he dont has his pants and steel sword can someone tell me why?

  10. so now that blood and wine came out, and i got the aerondite (a weapon from the dlc), if i start the new game plus, will there be a second aerondite more powerful? Same question with wolf armor set. Before i restarted my whole game, i collected the wolven set in new game +(blood and wine didn't come out yet). While i was collecting it, i noticed there was legendary versions. so do i have to collect them again?

  11. NG+ has its pros and cons. On the pros side your superior level potions, bombs, and oils carry over as well as your mutagen and mutation abilities. Unfortunately your grandmaster weapons and armor are pretty much useless at the onset of NG+, even Aerondight.

  12. do you have to face the struggle to forge good equipments and potions etc? i kinda like that, but i am afraid that the new game plus will make things easier and with little challenge… great video btw!

  13. And also what about your house at the vineyard do I need to take all my armor and swords on display cases to my stash box in order to keep them in NG+ thanks

  14. i reckon i will play NG+ and try all the things i didn't do in my first playthrough 😀 this is why i love playing through a game again woot woot

  15. I played the whole game through the first time on Death March on PC, and honestly I still felt like it should have been harder. I was able to beat almost all the bosses on the first or second try. Did they patch the difficulty or something? I installed it about 2 months ago, so I had the most recent patches from the start

  16. What is the max level cap ? and how will the enemies level scale in new game + not that i start one with example level 40 and they are all 30 making it again… way to damn easy even on death march this game offers little challenge.

  17. Hey I have a question, can you use new game + as many times as you want? Or is it just supposed to be a one time thing?

  18. so all mastercraft diagrams you had in the previous game are gonna be replaced and you have to find them again but even more powerful. its like playing the game new only that its tuned with your current level.

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