The Witcher 3 Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Witcher 3 is a glorious game. Beautiful scenery, intriguing storyline and realistic depiction of the horrors of the middle ages and military conflict. I just wish the controlls would be more like skyrims. I am so tired of falling of places and walking against the doorframes. Skyrim does not have the atmosphere this game does. But you have a very intuitive and practical way to move and fight. This game lacks that unfortunatly.

  2. Although the cinematic is fucking epic, Nilfgaardians are badly represented. Firstly, they have no beard, and secondly, they aren't as cruel as this… I'd say…

  3. This is How the game wants us to fight, but instead I’m blunting my sword against a tree while getting my brains bashed out by a bunch of common bandits

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